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Tablet Boxes

Organise your medication with tablet boxes and reminders

Our pill boxes and reminders offer a choice of solutions for anyone taking regular medication. Many of them are suitable for those taking tablets multiple times a day, and can be complimented by a pill crusher or cutter to help make swallowing easier.

Pill Boxes

Pill dispensers are a safe and effective way of organising your medication into the correct dosage for each day. Compartments are clearly labelled or colour-coded, many of them with braille, to assist the visually impaired.

Pill Reminders

Our pill reminder systems have been designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. Developed for Alzheimer’s patients, but useful for anyone taking several tablets a day, they can be set to remind the user at specific times.


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  1. 7 Day Pill Dispenser
    Code: 10048

    7 Day Pill Dispenser

    A simple 7 day Pill Dispenser, with one compartment for each day and Braille markings. It holds daily tablets and pills conveniently and simply.
    £6.90 Select
  2. Pill Cutter
    Code: 10049

    Pill Cutter

    This Pill Cutter is ideal for cutting uncoated tablets in half to either make them easier to swallow or to reduce the dosage. Safe and easy to use.
    £7.90 Select
  3. Tabtime Pill Box with Alarm Timer
    Code: 10371

    Tabtime Pill Box with Alarm Timer

    The great new Tabtime Super 8 Pill Box with alarm timer will benefit anyone who needs to take pills several times a day. 8 daily alarm reminders can be set
    £35.70 Select
  4. Pill Popper
    Code: 10372

    Pill Popper

    The Pill Popper is a quick and easy way to remove and organise pills for everyday use. Removes pills from most packs and collects them in the handle
    £9.30 Select
  5. Pill Crusher
    Code: 10610

    Pill Crusher

    The Pill Crusher simply crushes uncoated pills into powder by a screw action. Ideal when mixing the medication with a drink or food.
    £7.60 Select
  6. 7 Day Extra Large Pill Box
    Code: 10644

    7 Day Extra Large Pill Box

    This 7 Day Extra Large Pill Box enables a selection of pills to be added to each large daily compartment.
    £5.50 Select 7 Day Extra Large Pill Box
  7. Weekly Anabox Pill Organiser
    Code: 11242

    Weekly Anabox Pill Organiser

    The Weekly Anabox Pill Organiser contains seven semi-circular dispensers, featuring clearly labelled compartments. Each dispenser is tilted for viewing at a glance.
    From £20.20 Select
  8. Seven Day Anabox Pill Organiser
    Code: 11243

    Seven Day Anabox Pill Organiser

    The Seven Day Anabox Pill Organiser has seven clearly labelled compartments, with flip lids for easier opening.
    £7.90 Select
  9. Medi-Dispenser
    Code: 11126


    The Medi-Dispenser is a plastic wallet with seven plastic containers each with compartments for four daily doses. The containers have the day printed and are embossed with the number of the day.
    £24.00 Select
  10. Tapestry Pill Case
    Code: 11127

    Tapestry Pill Case

    This Tapestry Pill Case is a luxurious pill organiser with tapestry effect cover has seven seperate trays. Each daily tray has four compartments labelled Morn, Noon, Eve and Bed, also in braille.
    £14.80 Select
  11. Vibrating Pill Box
    Code: 10770

    Vibrating Pill Box

    The Vibrating Pill Box features five pill compartments and an audible alarm which you can activate up to five times a day.
    £16.90 Select
11 item(s)