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Anti-Slip Mats

Find Anti-Slip, High Friction Mats

Anti-slip mats can make life easier when you’re moving around. Their high friction surface gives good grip for your feet, helping you move higher up in bed or transfer from a wheelchair. They’re useful in any room with a slippery or unsafe floor, suitable for travelling, and as easy to clean as they are to use.

If you are looking at non-slip mats with your bathroom in mind, we would also recommend visiting our bath safety page.

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  1. Antislip Mat
    Code: 10276

    Antislip Mat

    The AntiSlip Mat is a high friction surface that comes in handy when you need a good grip for moving higher up in bed or transferring from a wheelchair
    £25.00 Select £20.83 ex VAT Antislip Mat
  2. Transfer Footstool
    Code: 10278

    Transfer Footstool

    The FootStool is used mainly as support under the feet during transfers to reduce pressure underneath the thighs. It may also provide a better sitting position on the toilet.
    £82.00 Select £68.33 ex VAT Transfer Footstool
2 item(s)