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Rollators And Tri-Walkers

Designed to help with mobility and balance both at home and outside the house

Rollators and triwalkers are two of our most popular walking aids. Both options offer outstanding support and are easy to manoeuvre, with a choice of features:

Three or Four Wheels

Four-wheeled rollators tend to offer the best stability, can hold more weight than a three-wheeled model, and often have built-in seats. Three-wheeled rollators are lighter and more convenient for getting around in smaller spaces.


To find your preferred handle height, stand up straight with your shoes on and ask a family member or friend to measure from the ground up to your wrists, with your arms in a position that feels comfortable.

After your rollator arrives, you can adjust the handlebar and seat height to fit your needs exactly.





Nitro Rollator

The Nitro Rollator is an attractive walking aid that has been designed to be used both indoors and out. It has a light weight aluminium frame and features large 10" front castors.
From £159.00 £132.50 ex VAT
Nitro Rollator
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  1. Roomba Indoor Rollator Roomba Indoor Rollator
    Code: 11394

    Roomba Indoor Rollator

    The Roomba is a foldable, lightweight indoor rollator that is ideally suited for use in tight spaces.
    £112.00 Select £93.33 ex VAT Roomba Indoor Rollator
  2. TOPRO Troja 2G TOPRO Troja 2G
    Code: 11451

    TOPRO Troja 2G

    The innovative new TOPRO Troja 2G stands ahead of the competition with increased safety, flexibility and the best possible comfort.
    £299.00 Select £249.17 ex VAT TOPRO Troja 2G
  3. Budget Steel Triwalker
    Code: 10186

    Budget Steel Triwalker

    The budget priced Steel triwalker or 3 wheeled walker is packed with features found on more expensive models. High quality construction.
    From £57.00 Select £47.50 ex VAT Budget Steel Triwalker
  4. Ultralight Aluminium Triwalker
    Code: 10185

    Ultralight Aluminium Triwalker

    The Ultralight Aluminium Tri-walker or 3 wheeled walker, was developed to keep its weight to an absolute minimum. Lots of features and free UK delivery.
    From £59.80 Select £49.83 ex VAT Ultralight Aluminium Triwalker
  5. Three-Wheeled Rollator
    Code: 10981

    Three-Wheeled Rollator

    This extremely durable Three-wheeled Rollator features easy to operate brakes, providing secure stopping. It folds easily, and comes with height adjustable handles, carry bag and basket with tray. Available in two colours.
    From £71.70 Select £59.75 ex VAT Three-Wheeled Rollator
  6. Lightweight Rollator
    Code: 10944

    Lightweight Rollator

    A modern lightweight aluminium rollator. It stands up ready to use even when folded. The perching seat, net bag and stick holder are standard.
    £177.50 Select £147.92 ex VAT Lightweight Rollator
  7. LiftRollator LiftRollator
    Code: 11055


    The LiftRollator is a 4 wheeled walking aid that features a stand assist feature. The two retractable grab poles help the user to stand from a sitting position and vice versa.
    £180.00 Select £150.00 ex VAT LiftRollator
  8. Aluminium Four-Wheeled Rollator
    Code: 10975

    Aluminium Four-Wheeled Rollator

    This Aluminium Four-Wheeled Rollator features easy to operate brakes and height adjustable handles. The rollator is extremely lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.
    From £87.50 Select £72.92 ex VAT Aluminium Four-Wheeled Rollator
  9. Migo Rollator
    Code: 10192

    Migo Rollator

    The Migo Rollator is a truly portable mobility aid which benefits from a one-handed folding mechanism. Basket and seat included. Free UK delivery.
    £89.00 Select £74.17 ex VAT Migo Rollator
  10. Diamond Deluxe Rollator with Leg Rests
    Code: 10137

    Diamond Deluxe Rollator with Leg Rests

    The Drive Diamond Deluxe Rollator is a transport chair and rollator in one. It features removeable foot rests used when in wheelchair mode. Free UK delivery
    £167.90 Select £139.92 ex VAT Diamond Deluxe Rollator with Leg Rests
  11. Drive Diamond Aluminium Rollator
    Code: 10214

    Drive Diamond Aluminium Rollator

    The Drive Diamond aluminium rollator has a stylish modern design with a folding cross brace for additional stability. Folds easily. Free UK delivery.
    From £145.00 Select £120.83 ex VAT Drive Diamond Aluminium Rollator
  12. Clever Lite 4 wheeled Walking Frame
    Code: 10135

    Clever Lite 4 wheeled Walking Frame

    The Clever Lite 4 wheeled walking frame is a well specified wheeled walker from the Drive range. Fixed/swivel wheels, loop brakes, flip up seat. Free UK delivery
    £116.90 Select £97.42 ex VAT Clever Lite 4 wheeled Walking Frame
  13. Trolley Walker
    Code: 10913

    Trolley Walker

    This height adjustable, sturdy Trolley Walker is the ideal walking aid for transporting items from one room to another.
    £90.00 Select £75.00 ex VAT Trolley Walker
  14. Heavy Duty Rollator
    Code: 10938

    Heavy Duty Rollator

    This easy to operate rollator has been designed for the larger user to increase their sense of security and safety.
    From £140.00 Select £116.67 ex VAT Heavy Duty Rollator
  15. Days Lightweight Aluminium Tri Wheel Walker
    Code: 11337

    Days Lightweight Aluminium Tri Wheel Walker

    This Days Tri Wheel Walker features a lightweight, aluminium frame that is adjustable in height.
    £78.00 Select £65.00 ex VAT Days Lightweight Aluminium Tri Wheel Walker
  16. Days Tri-Wheel Walker
    Code: 11338

    Days Tri-Wheel Walker

    This Days Tri Wheel Walker features a sturdy steel frame that is adjustable in height.
    From £50.60 Select £42.17 ex VAT Days Tri-Wheel Walker
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