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Rollators And Tri-Walkers

Designed to help with mobility and balance both at home and outside the house

Rollators and triwalkers are two of our most popular walking aids. Both options offer outstanding support and are easy to manoeuvre, with a choice of features:

Three or Four Wheels

Four-wheeled rollators tend to offer the best stability, can hold more weight than a three-wheeled model, and often have built-in seats. Three-wheeled rollators are lighter and more convenient for getting around in smaller spaces.


To find your preferred handle height, stand up straight with your shoes on and ask a family member or friend to measure from the ground up to your wrists, with your arms in a position that feels comfortable.

After your rollator arrives, you can adjust the handlebar and seat height to fit your needs exactly.





Nitro Rollator

The Nitro Rollator is an attractive walking aid that has been designed to be used both indoors and out. It has a light weight aluminium frame and features large 10" front castors.
From £159.00 £132.50 ex VAT
Nitro Rollator
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  1. Days Lightweight Four Wheeled Rollator
    Code: 11339

    Days Lightweight Four Wheeled Rollator

    The lightweight four wheeled rollator features handles that are adjustable in height and comes in a choice of 3 colours.
    From £81.00 Select £67.50 ex VAT Days Lightweight Four Wheeled Rollator
  2. Triwalker Triwalker
    Code: 11378


    This triwalker or 3 wheeled rollator is a high quality steel mobility aid available for a limited time at a great price.
    £75.00 Select £62.50 ex VAT Triwalker
  3. Three Wheeled Walker Bag
    Code: 11726

    Three Wheeled Walker Bag

    Easily fitted to most three wheeled walkers. The velcro lid enables easy opening and closing.
    £11.80 Select £9.83 ex VAT
  4. Nitro Rollator Accessory Pack
    Code: 12219

    Nitro Rollator Accessory Pack

    Nitro Accessory Pack includes a Bottle Holder and Cane Holder. The bottle holder keeps drinks safe and close to hand and the stick holder allows a walking stick or crutch to be stored on a rollator when not in use.
    £25.00 Select £20.83 ex VAT Nitro Rollator Accessory Pack
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