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Wheelchair Extras

Shop Wheelchair Cushions and Accessories

Manage At Home offers an array of wheelchair extras, all carefully chosen with your comfort and safety in mind. Our seat cushions are available in a choice of textures including gel, foam and luxurious fleece, as well as various different sizes. Our cold weather accessories make excellent gifts for wheelchair users, while a wheelchair mac, jacket or poncho provides effective protection from the elements. Wheelchair bags and trays fasten securely and allow the user to keep their belongings with them.

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  1. Wheelchair Sag Infill
    Code: 11019

    Wheelchair Sag Infill

    This Wheelchair Sag Infill is a cushion that fits into the sag of the wheelchair to encourage better posture and improve comfort. Wipe clean, waterproof cover.
    £85.00 Select £70.83 ex VAT Wheelchair Sag Infill
  2. Anyway Cushion
    Code: 11016

    Anyway Cushion

    This Anyway Cushion is designed to improve comfort and pressure distribution for wheelchair users at a low to medium risk of developing pressure sores. It has a waterproof cover.
    £65.90 Select £54.92 ex VAT Anyway Cushion
  3. Contoured Wheelchair Shawl
    Code: 11012

    Contoured Wheelchair Shawl

    This Contoured Wheelchair Shawl is easy to put on, and has a high collar which can be turned up to protect the neck and ears. The overlapping front ensures the low legs are kept warm.
    £88.30 Select £73.58 ex VAT Contoured Wheelchair Shawl
  4. Fleece Overlay Cushion Fleece Overlay Cushion
    Code: 11922

    Fleece Overlay Cushion

    The new fleece overlay cushion can be used on wheelchairs, scooters and other types of seats/ chairs.
    £23.00 Select £19.17 ex VAT Fleece Overlay Cushion
  5. Wheelchair Backpack Shopping Bag Wheelchair Backpack Shopping Bag
    Code: 11921

    Wheelchair Backpack Shopping Bag

    The new wheelchair backpack shopping bag is spacious and durable with a handy zip fastening. Also has a convenient carry handle!
    £21.50 Select £17.92 ex VAT Wheelchair Backpack Shopping Bag
  6. Wheelchair Storage Bag Wheelchair Storage Bag
    Code: 11920

    Wheelchair Storage Bag

    The new wheelchair storage bag is strong, durable and is suitable for most folding wheelchairs.
    £37.00 Select £30.83 ex VAT Wheelchair Storage Bag
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