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Panic Alarms For the Elderly and Disabled

Panic alarms give you peace of mind when it comes to your safety or that of a friend or relative

Most panic alarm systems comprise of a base unit and a pendant that is conveniently worn around the neck. When an emergency arises you simply press the button on the pendant which, depending on the type of alarm system, will either call one of the emergency numbers you have selected or will sound an alert and flash a coloured light signal on the main base unit. You can then be assured that help is on its way.


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  1. Auto Dial Panic Alarm
    Code: 10771

    Auto Dial Panic Alarm

    The Auto Dial Panic Alarm is a great safety device for the disabled and elderly who live alone and who are at risk of falling.
    £95.00 Select
  2. Home Safety Alert
    Code: 11143

    Home Safety Alert

    This Home Safety Alert is a wireless panic and calling alarm system that has one main receiver and two pendants. The caller can choose between a standard call signal or a panic alarm.
    £64.30 Select
  3. Border Control System
    Code: 11390

    Border Control System

    The border patrol safety system is an electronic enterance monitoring device. The device creates an invisable infrared beam between the two units. (Upto 20 metres apart) . Alarm is sounded when someone breaks through the beam.
    £33.00 Select
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