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Support Cushions

Manage At Home offers a range of support cushions, each specifically designed to aid posture and relieve discomfort. Our foam or gel seat cushions effectively redistribute pressure for those at risk of developing pressure sores, while our lower back cushions provide excellent lumbar support. Travel pillows, back rests and coccyx seat cushions offer additional relief.

Repose Cushion & Pump

The Repose Cushion provides effective pressure redistribution to those users at risk of developing pressure sores. It is packed in a unique pump which allows for easy inflation within seconds.
£75.00 £62.50 ex VAT
Repose Cushion & Pump Repose Cushion & Pump
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  1. Back Rest Cushion
    Code: 10063

    Back Rest Cushion

    The Restwell Memory Foam Back Rest Cushion provides additional support to the back when sitting. The visco-elastic foam moulds to and supports the user
    £11.50 Select
  2. U Shaped Travel Pillow
    Code: 10066

    U Shaped Travel Pillow

    The Restwell Memory Foam U Shaped Travel Pillow provides extra support for the head and neck. It sits comfortably on the shoulders and so does not slip
    £14.50 Select
  3. Coccyx Seat Cushion
    Code: 10067

    Coccyx Seat Cushion

    The Restwell Memory Foam Coccyx seat cushion has a cut out section to relieve pressure on the spine. Fits most car seats, home or office chairs
    £14.50 Select
  4. Homecraft Gel Cushion
    Code: 11017

    Homecraft Gel Cushion

    This Gel Cushion can be used by wheelchair user and seated patients who are at high risk of developing pressure sores and need a reliable cushion. Has a foam exterior, and a gel sac interior.
    £163.10 Select £135.92 ex VAT Homecraft Gel Cushion
  5. The Original McKenzie Super Roll
    Code: 11303

    The Original McKenzie Super Roll

    The Original McKenzie Super Roll is a superior lumbar support, made of injected-moulded foam, retaining support for an indefinite period. Its flatter, curved shape contours around the body.
    £17.10 Select
  6. The Original McKenzie Round Roll
    Code: 11305

    The Original McKenzie Round Roll

    The Original McKenzie Round Roll compresses very easily, while still giving the appropriate support. Available in 4" or 5" thickness.
    From £10.30 Select
  7. The Original McKenzie D-Shape Roll
    Code: 11304

    The Original McKenzie D-Shape Roll

    The Original McKenzie D-Shape Roll is quite firm, made of high density foam. It is recommended for use on soft furnishings such as sofas and lounge chairs for people who require lots of support.
    £10.30 Select
  8. The Original McKenzie Heavy Duty Roll
    Code: 11306

    The Original McKenzie Heavy Duty Roll

    The Original McKenzie Heavy Duty Roll is available in 4" and 5" thickness, and is perfect for use in the home or the office.
    From £10.70 Select
  9. The Original McKenzie Airback
    Code: 11307

    The Original McKenzie Airback

    The Original McKenzie Airback is an inflatable lumbar roll, ideal for commuters and travellers. Especially useful on planes where lumbar support is generally inadequate for long distance travel.
    £10.10 Select
  10. Harley Designer Ring Cushion
    Code: 10657

    Harley Designer Ring Cushion

    The Harley Designer Ring Cushion offers extreme comfort and pressure relief as the visco elastic memory foam literally moulds to your body.
    £49.00 Select
  11. Harley Designer Wedge
    Code: 10934

    Harley Designer Wedge

    The Harley Designer Wedge provides an ideal angle which ensures that the natural 'S' shape of the spine is maintained.
    From £43.60 Select
  12. Harley Designer Low Back Support
    Code: 10935

    Harley Designer Low Back Support

    The Harley Designer Low Back Support is a super slim moulded support that offers comfort and relief to the lumbar region.
    £39.00 Select
  13. Neck Support Cushion
    Code: 11210

    Neck Support Cushion

    The Neck Support Cushion is made from pure wool pile, allows the user to rest comfortably while seated in the car, bus or plane. Washable cover available.
    From £11.60 Select
  14. Memory Foam Seat Cushion
    Code: 11310

    Memory Foam Seat Cushion

    The Memory Foam Seat Cushion is a soft, comfy cushion used for extra support on a chair and is ideal when seated for long periods.
    £77.60 Select
  15. 20" Serenade Seat Cushion 20" Serenade Seat Cushion
    Code: 12097

    20" Serenade Seat Cushion

    The Sidhil Serenade 20" seat cushion is designed to give pressure relief for medium to high risk patients. The cover is vapour-permeable PU coated fabric. **ONLY 24 REMAINING IN STOCK**
    £48.00 Select £40.00 ex VAT 20" Serenade Seat Cushion
  16. Mason 2" Balanced Cushion
    Code: 12186

    Mason 2" Balanced Cushion

    The Mason 2" Balanced Cushion is available in 2 sizes. Choose from 16" x 16" or 18" x 18". It has a maximum user weight of 36 stone The cushion provides a high level of pressure care using a hand pump to adjust the cushions air level. The cushions air level can be adjusted to suit the individuals requirements and comfort. The cushion is water resistant, has a low shear stretch cover and has adjustable locking straps. The hand pump is simple and easy to use.
    From £175.00 Select £145.83 ex VAT Mason 2" Balanced Cushion
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