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Elderly Bathroom Safety Products

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  1. Everyday Bath and Shower Mats
    Code: 11041

    Everyday Bath and Shower Mats

    These everyday bath and shower mats have excellent grip due to the large number of suckers and the high-grade rubber material. Multiple drainage holes allow speedy water drainage.
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  2. Sure Tread Bath and Shower Mats
    Code: 11040

    Sure Tread Bath and Shower Mats

    These sure treat bath and shower mats give an extra sense of security with their ridged design. High-grade rubber content with additional suction cups.
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  3. Soft Feel Bath Mats
    Code: 11039

    Soft Feel Bath Mats

    These soft feel bath and shower mats are especially designed for extra comfort. Made from non-latex material they are suitable for allergy sufferers.
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  4. Rubbergrip Bath Mats
    Code: 10563

    Rubbergrip Bath Mats

    The Rubbergrip Bath Mats feature a ribbed surface and suction cups for added slip resistance. The mats are self draining and fully machine washable.
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  5. Bath Safety Strips
    Code: 11036

    Bath Safety Strips

    These bath safety strips are perfect for all bath shapes and sizes. They are adhesive backed for easy installation. Supplied as a pack of 20 strips.
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  6. Magiplug Flood & Scald Prevention Plug
    Code: 10907

    Magiplug Flood & Scald Prevention Plug

    The Magiplug is a unique device that reduces the risk of scalding and flooding . It is available as either a bath or a kitchen sink plug.
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6 item(s)