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Shower Stools For the Elderly & Disabled

Shower benches, chairs and stools can help prevent slips and falls in the bathroom

By allowing the user to sit down while bathing, they also allow them to conserve energy for other tasks. At Manage at Home we offer a choice of shower chairs including wall-mounted seats, foldable benches and mobile commodes. Most are height adjustable, and many offer additional features such as rotating or padded seats.

Types of Shower Chair

A simple shower stool, with rubber ferules or suction cups for stability, offers support but is still lightweight enough to move easily. Shower chairs with back and arm rests provide additional support and comfort, while wall-mounted seats can help save space in small bathrooms. A mobile chair can be pushed from behind by a carer, and is often designed with commode features.

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  1. Rochester Shower Stool
    Code: 10139

    Rochester Shower Stool

    A high quality shower stool designed for heavy duty use. The Rochester Shower Stool is adjustable in height to suit most users. Free UK Delivery
    £34.30 Select £28.58 ex VAT Rochester Shower Stool
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