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Commodes For The Elderly

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  1. Sale Mobile Sanichair
    Code: 10486

    Sale Mobile Sanichair

    The Sale sanichair is designed to be used either as a mobile commode or as a sanichair for use over an existing toilet bowl.
    £179.00 Select £149.17 ex VAT Sale Mobile Sanichair
  2. Clean Shower Commode Chair
    Code: 10044

    Clean Shower Commode Chair

    The Etac Clean Shower and Commode chair is designed to access the bathroom and toilet with the help of a carer. Easy to use. Free UK delivery
    From £485.00 Select £404.17 ex VAT Clean Shower Commode Chair
  3. Dignity Commode
    Code: 10916

    Dignity Commode

    The Dignity Commode is a portable self-contained bidet commode toilet that will wash and dry the user without having to rely on a carer or family member.
    £1,199.00 Select £999.17 ex VAT Dignity Commode
  4. Mobile Shower/Commode Chair
    Code: 10279

    Mobile Shower/Commode Chair

    Etac’s Swift Mobile is a height-adjustable shower and toilet chair that provides maximum comfort for the user. This a carer controlled chair with extensive adjustment and features.
    £735.00 Select £612.50 ex VAT Mobile Shower/Commode Chair
  5. Commode Pan & Lid
    Code: 10031

    Commode Pan & Lid

    The Sidhil Commode pan and lid is a replacement set for the Sidhil extra wide bariatric commode.
    £28.00 Select £23.33 ex VAT Commode Pan & Lid
  6. Commode Pan and Lid
    Code: 10461

    Commode Pan and Lid

    A replacement commode pan and lid set for full range of Sidhil commodes (excluding extra wide commodes and Sale Sanichair).
    £11.95 Select £9.96 ex VAT Commode Pan and Lid
  7. Swift Commode Pan with Lid
    Code: 10498

    Swift Commode Pan with Lid

    Commode pan with lid for Swift Commode
    £47.00 Select £39.17 ex VAT Swift Commode Pan with Lid
  8. Porta Potti Toilet
    Code: 11290

    Porta Potti Toilet

    The Porta Potti Toilet has an automatic flush triggered by the push of a button. The powerful flush operates continuously while the button is depressed. May be used with a stand and frame.
    From £27.70 Select
  9. Comfort Commode
    Code: 11283

    Comfort Commode

    The Comfort Commode is modern and stylish, offering comfort and stability. The padded covers are easily removed for cleaning, while the pan handle is easy to remove. Height adjustable.
    From £67.20 Select £56.00 ex VAT Comfort Commode
  10. Deluxe Comfort Commode
    Code: 11282

    Deluxe Comfort Commode

    The Deluxe Comfort Commode is an attractive commode with a comfortable padded seat, lid and arms.
    £175.00 Select £145.83 ex VAT Deluxe Comfort Commode
  11. Atlantic Commode & Shower Chair
    Code: 11285

    Atlantic Commode & Shower Chair

    The Atlantic Commode & Shower Chair is stylish and easily manoeuvrable. The aperture provides front access for easier personal hygiene. Fold-away footrest. Has four brake castors.
    From £441.20 Select £367.67 ex VAT Atlantic Commode & Shower Chair
  12. Height Adjustable Commode
    Code: 11074

    Height Adjustable Commode

    The height adjustable commode is robust and extremely comfortable. The toilet seat and commode pan can easily be removed to clean. Supplied with a padded lift off seat and back pad.
    £56.00 Select £46.67 ex VAT Height Adjustable Commode
  13. Deluxe Folding Commode
    Code: 11079

    Deluxe Folding Commode

    This deluxe folding commode is metal framed with a padded backrest and toilet seat for added comfort. Easily folded for storage and transportation.
    £86.90 Select £72.42 ex VAT Deluxe Folding Commode
  14. Commode Ring
    Code: 11075

    Commode Ring

    This commode ring is a cushion that can be used on most commodes or toilet seats to aid comfort. It is covered in waterproof cotton.
    £83.60 Select £69.67 ex VAT Commode Ring
  15. Folding Commode
    Code: 11078

    Folding Commode

    This foldable commode that can also be used over the toilet to suit a variety of environments.
    £86.80 Select £72.33 ex VAT Folding Commode
  16. Big John Commode Big John Commode
    Code: 11913

    Big John Commode

    The Big John Commode comes with a backrest and commode pan. You also have the option to remove the backrest and commode pan and use it as an over-the-toilet frame.
    £243.00 Select £202.50 ex VAT Big John Commode
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