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Long Handled Shoe Horns

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  1. Long Handled Shoehorn
    Code: 10383

    Long Handled Shoehorn

    An inexpensive plastic moulded shoehorn. A long handle gives excellent reach. It also has a hanging loop attached to the handle
    £2.10 Select £1.75 ex VAT Long Handled Shoehorn
  2. Helping Hand Shoe Helper Helping Hand Shoe Helper
    Code: 11945

    Helping Hand Shoe Helper

    The Helping Hand Shoe Helper is used as an aid for putting on shoes or also as a general dressing aid/ bedroom reacher. Available in two sizes.
    From £13.99 Select £11.66 ex VAT Helping Hand Shoe Helper
  3. Homecraft Metal Shoehorn Homecraft Metal Shoehorn
    Code: 11714

    Homecraft Metal Shoehorn

    The Homecraft metal shoe horn is a long, white epoxy coated steel shoehorn. The shoehorn is an aid for easier reaching.
    £9.70 Select £8.08 ex VAT Homecraft Metal Shoehorn
  4. Long Handled Plastic Shoehorn Long Handled Plastic Shoehorn
    Code: 11111

    Long Handled Plastic Shoehorn

    This Long Handled Shoe Horn is made from plastic and allows excellent reach whilst applying footwear.
    £2.30 Select £1.92 ex VAT Long Handled Plastic Shoehorn
4 item(s)View All