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Leg Lifters

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  1. Leg Lifter
    Code: 10766

    Leg Lifter

    The leg lifter helps those people who have had a total hip replacement or who have a hip injury to easily and safely raise or lower their leg.
    £14.10 Select £11.75 ex VAT Leg Lifter
  2. Basic Leg Lifter
    Code: 10767

    Basic Leg Lifter

    This handy Leg Lifter allows the user to safely and effectively lift their leg on or off a bed or wheelchair by simply pulling the handle loop.
    £6.90 Select £5.75 ex VAT Basic Leg Lifter
  3. Leglifter
    Code: 10811


    The electric Leglifter helps you to independently lift your legs into bed. It is lightweight, discreet and portable and fits most beds.
    £1,035.00 Select £862.50 ex VAT Leglifter
  4. Double Handed Leg Lifter
    Code: 12202

    Double Handed Leg Lifter

    The double handed leg lifter is designed to help people who cannot lift their leg with one hand. The two upper loops fit around the both of your hands and wrists and the lower stiffened loop slides over your foot. Length is 865mm (34"). Handy when in bed or using a wheelchair or foot stool.
    £10.90 Select £9.08 ex VAT Double Handed Leg Lifter
4 item(s)