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Jar Openers

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  1. 6 in 1 Multi Jar/Bottle Opener
    Code: 10386

    6 in 1 Multi Jar/Bottle Opener

    This Multi Opener has a durable and comfortable grip and opens six different types of seals and lids with ease.
    £17.20 Select
  2. Twister Jar Opener
    Code: 10397

    Twister Jar Opener

    The Twister Jar Opener is a cone shaped rubber moulding with fluted finger grips on the outside, and ribbing on the inside to give a good grip for opening twist-off jar lids.
    £9.00 Select
  3. Dycem Jar Opener
    Code: 10398

    Dycem Jar Opener

    This Dycem jar opener helps those with a poor grip to open and close jars. The non-slip properties provide a good strong grip to make opening easier
    £7.60 Select
  4. Dycem Bottle Opener
    Code: 10399

    Dycem Bottle Opener

    Dycem Bottle Openers are dome shaped to fit comfortably into the palm of the hand. The added unique grip bars around the opener maximise grip
    £7.10 Select
  5. Bottle Opener and Knob Turner
    Code: 10400

    Bottle Opener and Knob Turner

    This flexible rubber bottle opener and knob turner helps to get a firm grip on small tops on drinks or medicine bottles. It can also be used for turning knobs.
    £11.50 Select
  6. Canpull Ring Pull Can Opener
    Code: 10402

    Canpull Ring Pull Can Opener

    The Canpull is a clever device designed specifically to open ring pull cans. Its easy to use, just hook the end under the ring, push forwards and roll back the handle
    £6.90 Select
  7. Good Grips Jar Opener
    Code: 10604

    Good Grips Jar Opener

    The Good Grips Jar Opener will help you open stubborn lids easily and is ideal if you have limited power in your hand or wrist.
    £11.50 Select
  8. Plastic Multi Opener
    Code: 10613

    Plastic Multi Opener

    The Plastic Mulit Opener is a multi purpose device that can be used to twist off resealable and pressure sealed bottle caps as well as opening aluminium can tabs.
    £7.20 Select
  9. Spill Not
    Code: 10754

    Spill Not

    The Spill Not is a great little device that prevents spillage when opening jars and bottles and is ideal for those people with limited grip or the use of just one hand.
    £19.00 Select
  10. Multi Opener
    Code: 11165

    Multi Opener

    This Multi-opener is a muti-functional opener for bottle caps, screw tops and ring pulls. With a non-slip handle for a better grip.
    £10.40 Select
  11. Mighty Lever Jar Opener
    Code: 11167

    Mighty Lever Jar Opener

    This Mighty Lever Jar Opener is a useful and has a flexible steel band that clamps around jar lids to gain extra leverage.
    £11.10 Select Mighty Lever Jar Opener
  12. One Touch Can Opener
    Code: 11724

    One Touch Can Opener

    A faster way to open cans of all types and sizes. The new improved One Touch can opener has been redesigned with several improvements.
    £38.20 Select
12 item(s)View All