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Support Cushions For The Elderly

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  1. Serenade Seat Cushion
    Code: 10023

    Serenade Seat Cushion

    The Sidhil Serenade seat cushion is designed to give pressure relief for medium to high risk patients. The cover is vapour-permeable PU coated fabric.
    £69.00 Select £57.50 ex VAT Serenade Seat Cushion
  2. Serenade VE Seat Cushion
    Code: 10024

    Serenade VE Seat Cushion

    The Sidhil Serenade VE seat cushion is designed to give pressure relief for medium to high risk patients. Two grades of visco-elastic foam provide support
    £79.00 Select £65.83 ex VAT Serenade VE Seat Cushion
  3. Basic Seat Cushion
    Code: 10025

    Basic Seat Cushion

    The Sidhil basic seat cushion provides ideal support for low risk users. Castellated foam covered with PU coated fabric construction. Quick delivery
    £30.00 Select £25.00 ex VAT Basic Seat Cushion
  4. Coccyx Cushion
    Code: 10052

    Coccyx Cushion

    This Coccyx Cushion has a wedge shape to tilt the pelvis foward and encourage the natural curve of the spine. A cut out below the coccyx relieves pressure
    £13.50 Select £11.25 ex VAT Coccyx Cushion
  5. Coccyx Seat Cushion
    Code: 10067

    Coccyx Seat Cushion

    The Restwell Memory Foam Coccyx seat cushion has a cut out section to relieve pressure on the spine. Fits most car seats, home or office chairs
    £15.00 Select
  6. Harley Designer Ring Cushion
    Code: 10657

    Harley Designer Ring Cushion

    The Harley Designer Ring Cushion offers extreme comfort and pressure relief as the visco elastic memory foam literally moulds to your body.
    £49.00 Select
  7. Dyna-Pad Cushion Dyna-Pad Cushion
    Code: 11646

    Dyna-Pad Cushion

    The Dynapad Cushion provides support for those users considered at risk of pressure ulcer development. Castellated foam covered with PU coated fabric construction. Quick delivery.
    £35.00 Select £29.17 ex VAT Dyna-Pad Cushion
  8. Dyna-Pad Superior Cushion Dyna-Pad Superior Cushion
    Code: 11827

    Dyna-Pad Superior Cushion

    The Dynapad Superior Cushion comprises specialist 'castellated cut' CMHR foam so ensuring the reduction of heat and moisture build up, whilst achieving maximum pressure re-distribution.
    £65.00 Select £54.17 ex VAT Dyna-Pad Superior Cushion
  9. Dyna-Tek Profile Cushion Dyna-Tek Profile Cushion
    Code: 11829

    Dyna-Tek Profile Cushion

    The Dyna-Tek Profile Cushion provides good postural management and great pressure re-distribution . It has been designed for those users considered to be 'At Risk' of developing pressure ulcers.
    £49.00 Select £40.83 ex VAT Dyna-Tek Profile Cushion
  10. 4" Wheelchair Gel Cushion
    Code: 12149

    4" Wheelchair Gel Cushion

    The 4" deep pressure relieving cushion is designed to help prevent pressure sores. The Voscous gel helps provide maximum support and comfort. The cushion has a waterproof cover with a non slip vinyl bottom. Useful carry handle fitted to the bottom for transportation.
    £38.00 Select £31.67 ex VAT 4" Wheelchair Gel Cushion
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