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Travel Wheelchair

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  1. TraveLite Aluminium Transport Chair
    Code: 11408

    TraveLite Aluminium Transport Chair

    The Travelite Aluminium Transport Chair is a sturdy, yet lightweight occasional use wheelchair that is ideal for many situations from shopping trips to holidays.
    £112.50 Select £93.75 ex VAT TraveLite Aluminium Transport Chair
  2. Lightweight Travel Wheelchair
    Code: 10184

    Lightweight Travel Wheelchair

    The Enigma lightweight Travel wheelchair folds efficiently to allow easy transport in the carry bag included. Weighs just 8.6kg. Free UK delivery.
    £160.00 Select £133.33 ex VAT Lightweight Travel Wheelchair
  3. Homecraft Wheelchair Pannier Bag
    Code: 11702

    Homecraft Wheelchair Pannier Bag

    This Pannier bag offers highly versatile storage for small and large items through a combination of bags and removable pouches. Will fit any wheelchair or scooter.
    £22.50 Select £18.75 ex VAT Homecraft Wheelchair Pannier Bag
3 item(s)View All