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Wheelchair Accessories

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  1. Wheelchair Mac without Sleeves
    Code: 11276

    Wheelchair Mac without Sleeves

    The wheelchair mac without sleeves is a totally waterproof full length cape, offering complete protection for wheelchair and user. Has an elasticated base for close and waterproof fit.
    From £32.70 Select £27.25 ex VAT Wheelchair Mac without Sleeves
  2. Coccyx Wave Cushion
    Code: 11020

    Coccyx Wave Cushion

    This Coccyx Wave Cushion performs excellently at cushioning the coccyx. It can be used in wheelchairs or day chairs.
    £42.90 Select £35.75 ex VAT Coccyx Wave Cushion
  3. Wheelchair Sag Infill
    Code: 11019

    Wheelchair Sag Infill

    This Wheelchair Sag Infill is a cushion that fits into the sag of the wheelchair to encourage better posture and improve comfort. Wipe clean, waterproof cover.
    £85.00 Select £70.83 ex VAT Wheelchair Sag Infill
  4. Anyway Cushion
    Code: 11016

    Anyway Cushion

    This Anyway Cushion is designed to improve comfort and pressure distribution for wheelchair users at a low to medium risk of developing pressure sores. It has a waterproof cover.
    £65.90 Select £54.92 ex VAT Anyway Cushion
  5. Contoured Wheelchair Shawl
    Code: 11012

    Contoured Wheelchair Shawl

    This Contoured Wheelchair Shawl is easy to put on, and has a high collar which can be turned up to protect the neck and ears. The overlapping front ensures the low legs are kept warm.
    £88.30 Select £73.58 ex VAT Contoured Wheelchair Shawl
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