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Key Safe Boxes

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  1. C500 Keysafe C500 Keysafe
    Code: 11957

    C500 Keysafe

    The C500 Key safe is the only Key Safe in the UK which is Police approved. The C500 has achieved an independent security rating.
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  2. Aidapt Keysafe Aidapt Keysafe
    Code: 11958

    Aidapt Keysafe

    The Aidapt Wall Mounted Key Safe is secure, weather resistant and is suitable for use outdoors. Easy to fit and supplied with fixings
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  3. Essentials Large Key Safe
    Code: 11144

    Essentials Large Key Safe

    The Essentials Large Key Sage is a secure lockable device accessable by a keypad designed for storing keys near an entry door. They can store up to five large keys and is easy to use.
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3 item(s)View All