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  1. Cane Strap

    Cane Strap

    The Cane strap allows the user free use of both hands by looping around the wrist. It is easy to fit and is suitable for both wooden and plastic handled walking canes.

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  2. Cane/Crutch Holder

    Cane/Crutch Holder

    The Cane/Crutch holder is a simple and convenient clip-on device that enables a Cane or Crutch to be safely balanced on a table top. The sprung clip which is integral to this walking stick holder allows easy fitting to the stick or cane. Rubber pads then allow the stick or cane to be 'parked' against any flat surface such as a table, a kitchen work-top or a wash basin.

    Falling Canes & Crutches often cause accidents and falls which can be prevented by using this unique holder.

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  3. Car Caddie

    Car Caddie

    The Car Caddie is a simple yet effective device that provides support and assistance when getting in and out of a vehicle. It features a comfortable rubber cushioned grip and the handle height can easily be adjusted. It simply fits over your door frame and the design of the buckle makes it easy to open and close.

    £19.20 Select £16.00 ex VAT
  4. Swivel Transfer Cushion

    Swivel Transfer Cushion

    The Swivel Transfer Cushion has been developed to aid those people with mobility problems to turn more easily when transferring. It features a soft padded, flexible rotating disc and can be used on car seats, chairs and beds.

    The transfer cushion uses a smooth swivel action that prevents any painful twisting.

    £27.00 Select £22.50 ex VAT
  5. Walking Frame Caddy

    Walking Frame Caddy

    The EasyCaddy is a useful tray that allows the user to safely transport personal items and meals easily. The caddy consists of an easily attachable tray that is compatible with many folding wheeled walkers. It is extremely lightweight and easy to clean and enables the user to carry items more independently.

    £43.10 Select £35.92 ex VAT
  6. Suitcase Mobility Ramp

    Suitcase Mobility Ramp

    This folding Suitcase Ramp is a handy device that enables wheelchairs users to access steps, curbs and other non accessible areas with ease.

    It is extremely strong yet lightweight and can easily be folded and carried by handles in a suitcase fashion.

    It features a non-slip surface for added safety. Available in three lengths - 3ft,4ft & 5ft.

    £187.90 Select £156.58 ex VAT
  7. Rubber Walking Stick Ferrule

    Rubber Walking Stick Ferrule

    A replacement rubber walking stick tip or ferrule. Available to fit stick diameters of 19mm. Also available in either black or grey.

    2 per pack.

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  8. Fluted Grab Rail

    Fluted Grab Rail

    The cost effective Fluted Grab Rail features a fluted grip around the bar to reduce the risk of slipping, even with wet soapy hands.

    The bars are plastic and easily fix to the wall and can be mounted horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

    Available in a range of four different lengths to suit most locations such as the bathroom, corridors and stairways.

    £11.90 Select £9.92 ex VAT
  9. Bath Safety Grab Bar

    Bath Safety Grab Bar

    The Bath Safety Grab Bar provides assistance when transferring into and out of the bath. The plastic bar features a hand-hold for added security and comfort.

    It adjusts to bath side widths of 32 to 7". Fitting is simple and tool-free.

    £45.40 Select £37.83 ex VAT
  10. Deluxe Inflatable Shampoo Basin

    Deluxe Inflatable Shampoo Basin

    The Deluxe Inflatable Shampoo Basin is an excellent no-splash solution for washing your hair in bed. It features a double-tube design that prevents water from splashing.

    It fits snuggly around your head and allows for easy shampooing.

    It includes a 1190 mm (47") drain hose and is made from durable vinyl.

    £20.00 Select
  11. Rubbergrip Bath Mats

    Rubbergrip Bath Mats

    The Rubbergrip Bath Mats feature a ribbed surface and suction cups for added slip resistance. The mats are self draining and fully machine washable.

    Available in three different sizes - Long, Square and Extra Long.

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  12. Lotion Applicator

    Lotion Applicator

    The Lotion Applicator is a long handled applicator that allows you to apply cream or lotion to your body without the need for over stretching.

    Easy to use by removing the top of the applicator and simply fill with your cream or lotion. It features rotating balls which offer a pleasant massage and which also ensure an even distribution of lotion.

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