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  1. Darenth Shower Chair

    Darenth Shower Chair

    The Darenth Shower Chair is a free standing height adjustable shower chair with back and arms. Ideal for smaller shower areas and can be easily removed enabling multiple use of the shower area. It has a front cutaway to assist personal bathing and can easily be removed to allow others to use the shower area.

    £62.60 Select £52.17 ex VAT
  2. Rochester Shower Stool

    Rochester Shower Stool

    A high quality shower stool designed for heavy duty use. The Rochester Shower Stool is adjustable in height to suit most users and has integral handles to aid support and transfer. Its compact size makes it ideal for smaller shower areas and the lightweight frame means it can be removed with ease enabling multiple use of the shower area. The water outlets fully conform to the MHRA guidelines, 1990 and 2004.

    £34.30 Select £28.58 ex VAT
  3. Medina Bath Board

    Medina Bath Board

    The Medina Bath Board is a high quality, reinforced plastic bath board. It is simplicity itself to install and maintain, with self-locking cleats. The slatted surface fully conforms to MHRA guidelines and is more than sufficient for adequate drainage. Available with or without handles and in various widths, suitable for cast iron or acrylic baths.


    £31.30 Select £26.08 ex VAT
  4. Medina Bath Seat

    Medina Bath Seat

    The Medina Bath Seat provides extra height enabling easy access in and out of the bath. The Medina Bath Seat is constructed from high quality, fully reinforced slatted plastic and meets MHRA safety guidelines. The bath seat is secured to the bath with 4 large suction caps which can be removed by pulling on the integral tabs. Available in 3 heights to suit all users.

    £34.70 Select £28.92 ex VAT
  5. Basic Leg Lifter

    Basic Leg Lifter

    This handy Leg Lifter allows the user to safely and effectively lift their leg on or off a bed or wheelchair by simply pulling the handle loop. The lifter is kept straight by a wire frame that is covered with nylon webbing.

    £6.90 Select £5.75 ex VAT
  6. Wall Mounted Shower Stool

    Wall Mounted Shower Stool

    This Wall Mounted Shower Stool has a height adjustable seat (in 25mm increments) which enables the user to set at a height that suits their needs. The frame is constructed from lighthweight aluminium and the injection moulded seat can be clipped on and off for easy cleaning. The shower stool folds up when not in use and is simple to install, clean and maintain

    £65.20 Select £54.33 ex VAT
  7. Wall Mounted Shower Chair

    Wall Mounted Shower Chair

    This Wall Mounted Shower Seat is height adjustable so that the user can set at a height that is suitable.The arms lift independently enabling safe transfer and there is a back for added comfort. The frame is constructed from rust free aluminium and the injection moulded seat and back clip on and off for easy cleaning and maintenance.The seat is simple to install and folds up when not in use. 

    £100.30 Select £83.58 ex VAT
  8. Double Ended Bed Lever

    Double Ended Bed Lever

    The Double Ended Bed Lever has been designed to assist the user when transferring into and out of bed. It can be adjusted to fit most bed sizes and is simple to install. It simply passes below the mattress and the looped handles extend up the side of the mattress. It can be safely adjusted to fit beds with a width of 900 mm (35.5") to 1500 mm (59") using the telescopic tube. You can turn down one end to allow for able bodied users to safely transfer. 

    £32.60 Select £27.17 ex VAT
  9. Aluminium Narrow Walking Frame

    Aluminium Narrow Walking Frame

    These Narrow Walking Frames are easily manoeuvrable through most domestic doorframes. It features a 6 position height adjustment for extra flexibility. The ergonomically designed handgrips offer increased safety and comfort and they are inpregnated with an anti-bacterial agent to help prevent and control the spread of infection. The angled rear legs ensure that the rubber ferrules remain in contact with the floor and so increasing stability.   

    Available in Small, Medium & Large.

    £31.00 Select £25.83 ex VAT
  10. Drop Down Support Rail

    Drop Down Support Rail

    The Solo Drop Down Support Rail has been specifically designed to offer support to the user and provides them with security and independence in the bathroom. The 750mm long bar features a simple folding mechanism and is constructed from epoxy coated steel.   

    £45.40 Select £37.83 ex VAT
  11. Longfield Height Adjustable Chair

    Longfield Height Adjustable Chair

    The Longfield Height Adjustable Chair has been designed to offer comfort and features an ergonomically shaped back for improved lumbar support. The chair is constructed from a polymer coated tubular metal frame and features specially designed legs to reduce tilt when transferring. Both the frame and fire retardant upholstery are easy to clean. The chair legs are height adjustable from 400 mm to 530 mm using a simple 'e' clip system . 

    Available in 4 different colours - Burgundy, Cream, Green & Blue.

    £218.60 Select £182.17 ex VAT
  12. Chelsfield Height Adjustable Chair

    Chelsfield Height Adjustable Chair

    The Chelsfield Height Adjustable Chair features an ergonomically shaped back for improved lumbar support as well as head support and side head supports for added comfort.The chair is constructed from a polymer coated tubular metal frame and features specially designed legs to reduce tilt when transferring. Both the frame and fire retardant upholstery are easy to clean. The chair legs are height adjustable from 400 mm to 530 mm using a simple 'e' clip system.

    £224.60 Select