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  1. Transfer Turn Table

    Transfer Turn Table

    The Transfer turn table is ideal for any day to day transfers. Allows a full 360 degree rotation and can be used when transferring a user to and from a bed, chair, commode or car.

    £23.50 Select £19.58 ex VAT
  2. Bath and Tile Cleaner

    Bath and Tile Cleaner

    The bath and tile cleaner is a handy piece of equipment. Its extendable, lightweight and allows the most difficult to reach places easier to clean! Comes with 2 machine washable cleaning covers and they can be re-used over and over again.

    £12.00 Select
  3. Plate Guard

    Plate Guard

    The plate guard is easily fitted to your plate(s) to help assist with one handed eating and is helpful for people who have limited hand control. Its microwave and dishwasher safe.

    £9.90 Select £8.25 ex VAT
  4. Scoop Dish

    Scoop Dish

    The scoop dish is ideal for those who eat with only one hand as the scoop dish has a high rim with a reverse curve on one side so that it helps the user to scoop food onto a fork or spoon without spilling food over the sides. It also has a non slip, rubber padded bottom.

    £13.90 Select £11.58 ex VAT
  5. Slide Sheets Moving And Handling

    Slide Sheets Moving And Handling

    Slide sheets are made from a strong nylon and reduces manual handling effort and strain. They are invaluable when moving a person on or off a bed. They help to turn the person in bed and also act as an aid to sitting the person up in bed.

    £13.50 Select £11.25 ex VAT
  6. Button Hook With Zip Pull

    Button Hook With Zip Pull

    The Button Hook Zipper makes dressing and undressing simple. Its ideal for users who struggle fastening and unfastening buttons. The button hook zipper has two different steel ends. A hook at one end and a loop fitting at the other end which are designed to attach quickly and easily making them easy to open and close.

    £8.50 Select £7.08 ex VAT
  7. 4" Wheelchair Gel Cushion

    4" Wheelchair Gel Cushion

    The 4" deep pressure relieving cushion is designed to help prevent pressure sores. The Voscous gel helps provide maximum support and comfort. The cushion has a waterproof cover with a non slip vinyl bottom. Useful carry handle fitted to the bottom for transportation.

    £38.00 Select £31.67 ex VAT
  8. Scooter Storage Cover

    Scooter Storage Cover

    If you store your scooter outside then the scooter storage cover would be ideal! Its made from a lightweight yet heavy duty rip-stop nylon. Its easy to fit and remove and fold away. Buckles are fitted to secure the cover.

    £40.00 Select £33.33 ex VAT
  9. L Style Overbed Table

    L Style Overbed Table

    The L Style Overbed table is available with and without castors. The table top has a laminated teak effect. The table is also height adjustable and can be used in the bedroom or lounge. Handy for reading or eating while sat in bed or sat in a living room chair.  

    £41.00 Select £34.17 ex VAT
  10. Plastic Red Grab Rails

    Plastic Red Grab Rails

    These high quality, tough plastic red grab rails have been designed to help those who are living with dementia. The red colour makes the grab rail easier for people with dementia to identify. The rails are non -slip even when wet and can be easily installed. They can be installed vertically or horizontally. Choice of styles available are 13" curved rail, 18" straight rail and 24" straight rail.

    £16.90 Select £14.08 ex VAT
  11. Lotion Applicator With Massaging Head

    Lotion Applicator With Massaging Head

    The dual function lotion applicator with massaging head helps the user when applying creams, oils or lotions. Helps with any hard to reach places on the body. The foam head is washable and can be used to apply thick creams. The detachable head underneath can apply less viscous oils and lotions using its series of roller-balls.

    £12.00 Select
  12. Cooking Baskets

    Cooking Baskets

    The cooking baskets allow vegetables to be cooked and strained without the person having to lift a pan of boiling hot water. The handle is flame retardant and made from moulded nylon. Minimises the risk of scalding and burns.

    £19.50 Select