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Food Trays for the Elderly & Disabled

Make life more comfortable with one of our trays

We sell a range of lap trays, bed trays and carrying rays, designed to help with eating and drinking, carrying items from room to room, or reading and writing in bed. Some useful features to consider include:

Non-Slip Mats

Our lap trays and carrying trays come complete with a non-slip mat, designed to stop items from sliding while the tray is in use.

Detachable Bean Bags

A detachable bean bag can make the base of a tray more comfortable to balance on your lap, as well as keeping it in a stable position on the knees.

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  1. Lap Tray with Non-Slip Mat
    Code: 10388

    Lap Tray with Non-Slip Mat

    This lap tray provides a level, steady worktop for reading, writing or eating a meal. It has a detachable, washable bean bag that moulds itself to the contours of the knees
    £30.40 Select
  2. One Handed Tray with Non Slip Mat
    Code: 10414

    One Handed Tray with Non Slip Mat

    This tray can be carried in one hand. It has a single handle that is attached to the corners of the tray at one side and angles upwards to the centre to ensure stability when the tray is carried.
    £36.90 Select
  3. Adjustable Wooden Bed Tray with Legs
    Code: 10415

    Adjustable Wooden Bed Tray with Legs

    An wooden frame bed tray. It is adjustable to five different angles for reading, writing, etc. The legs fold out to allow the tray to be placed across the lap.
    £31.90 Select
  4. Stay Tray with Bean Bag
    Code: 11152

    Stay Tray with Bean Bag

    The Stay Tray with Bean Bag allows the tray to sit comfortably on the knees in a stable position. The tray is supplied with a non-slip, heat-resistant silicon mat to stop plates or cups from sliding.
    £30.40 Select
  5. Muggi
    Code: 11841


    The muggi is a unique and innovative tray that allows up to four mugs or glasses to be safely carried. It features non-slip rubber feet, finger and thumb holds and is designed to catch any unwanted spillages.
    From £8.50 Select
  6. Non-Slip Tray
    Code: 13179

    Non-Slip Tray

    These Non Slip Trays are available in two sizes. Small and Large. The trays have a non slip coating and have a oak wooden finish.
    From £16.00 Select
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