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Bath Steps For The Elderly & Disabled

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  1. Nuvo Adjustable Bath Step
    Code: 11370

    Nuvo Adjustable Bath Step

    The Nuvo Adjustable Bath Step is a versatile step that when stacked together gives a 4" step. Ideal for use at the side of the bath.
    £38.00 Select £31.67 ex VAT Nuvo Adjustable Bath Step
  2. Prima Bath Step
    Code: 10731

    Prima Bath Step

    The Prima bath step is an excellent aid to getting into and out if the bath. It has large flat surface area and built in non-slip pads.
    £45.00 Select
  3. Savanah Bath Step
    Code: 10351

    Savanah Bath Step

    The Savanah Bath Step is an attractive, modular bath step has been specifically designed to make daily activities, especially getting into and out of the bath, easier.
    £33.40 Select
  4. Ashby Bath Step
    Code: 10727

    Ashby Bath Step

    The Ashby Bath Step is specifically designed to assist the user when getting into and out of the bath. The large slip resistant surface offers the user confidence and provides additional safety.
    £41.00 Select
  5. Langham Adjustable Bath Step
    Code: 10732

    Langham Adjustable Bath Step

    The Langham Bath Step is a unique and versatile modular adjustable platform bath step. It features individual sections that slot together building up a secure and stable platform.
    £30.90 Select
  6. Height Adjustable Bath Step
    Code: 10347

    Height Adjustable Bath Step

    This adjustable height bath step consists of four layers which join together allowing the height to be adjusted to suit the individual user. Max height 100 mm
    £72.90 Select
  7. Transfer Footstool
    Code: 10278

    Transfer Footstool

    The FootStool is used mainly as support under the feet during transfers to reduce pressure underneath the thighs. It may also provide a better sitting position on the toilet.
    £82.00 Select £68.33 ex VAT Transfer Footstool
  8. Adjustable Aluminium Bath Step
    Code: 10572

    Adjustable Aluminium Bath Step

    This Adjustable Aluminium Bath Step has been specifically designed to make getting into and out of the bath easier.
    £38.90 Select
  9. Bamboo Bath Step
    Code: 11916

    Bamboo Bath Step

    The Bamboo Bath Step is mainly used to help you step up into the bath but can also be used in the bedroom to step up into your bed.
    £42.50 Select £35.42 ex VAT Bamboo Bath Step
  10. Bath Platform Step
    Code: 13168

    Bath Platform Step

    The strong wood bath step is mainly used to make stepping over the side of a bath easier. The top is non-slip cork which gives extra stability.
    From £30.00 Select £25.00 ex VAT Bath Platform Step
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