3 Aids That Could Help You Read And Write Easier

High Vision Reading Light

1. High Vision Reading Light

Has reading your favourite book become a struggle? Helping to relieve you from issues such as eye strain and headaches, this aid allows you to read and concentrate for a longer period. With a near daylight bulb and an adjustable neck, this lamp if perfect for your office space or favourite reading nook.

2. Pocket LED Magnifier

Handy for day-to-day use at home or on the go, this pocket size lightweight magnifier can help make reading easy. Coming with two levels of magnification and an LED light to help you read wherever you are and in any situation, this device is a must have for anyone struggling with their eyesight.

Pen And Pencil Holder

3. Pen And Pencil Holder

Particularly helpful for those with hand pains, wrist pains or arthritis, the writing aid is essential for both work or at home usage. Easy to fit on any standard size pen or pencil, this simple but effective device can help steady your hand when writing, provide more grip and alleviate pressure away from the fingertips.

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