5 Daily Living Aids That May Help You In The Kitchen

Cooking can be difficult when you don’t have the right tools.

According to Statista, Britians on average spent 5.9 hours a week cooking in 2014, with 37 percent of women and 27 percent of men claiming they were passionate about food and cooking globally. 6 Years on, these statistics are unlikely to have dramatically changed, as more and more people are finding interest in home cooking, as 71% of women and 46% of men reporting they cook or prepare food for themselves at least once a day in April last year.

With this in mind, we have created a list of just a few items that could help food lovers of all abilities that have struggled to get cooking again.

Easi-Grip Set of 3 Knives

Did you know that the knives you currently use daily cause strain to your wrist, forcing them into an unnatural position? Easy-Grip knives are designed with an ‘L’ shaped handle, meaning that you’re able to do your food prep with more comfort.

Uccello Kettle with built-in tipper

Picking up your kettle to make a round of brews can be heavy when full, making it easy to spill. The Uccello is a nifty kettle that has a built-in tipper that helps you pour, meaning that you won’t have to pick it up and risk injuries such as scalds and falls due to wet floors.

6 in 1 Multi Jar/ Bottle Opener

You don’t need to have arthritis or grip strength issues to struggle opening jars and bottle – it’s a universal nuisance. With the 6 in 1 Opener, you’ll be able to make easy work of jars, bottles, ring pulls and cap seals, taking the strain away from the one task you prefer to avoid.

Prima Modular Perching Stool

Making Sunday lunch for the family can be a nightmare when you’re spending hours standing up, slaving over the stove. Perching stools are a handy option to give your legs a bit of rest from all the standing about while offering a slanted seat that helps you rise with ease when you need to.

Keep Warm Plate

Have you ever been you one who gets their dinner las and the food is already getting cold? This could be the perfect option. Featuring a double-sided wall, the Keep Warm Plate can be filled with hot or cold water to keep your food the temperature you want for longer. Ideal for those living with MS or Dementia, the base of the plate is fitted with an anti-slip ring, preventing it from sliding around.