5 New Products on the Manage At Home Website

Here at Manage At Home, we are committed to finding products that can suit your needs, no matter how specific. Because of this, we have added a fair amount of new products over the last few weeks, helping you with more options on brands, sizes and specifications. To showcase our newest arrivals, we’ve put together a list of just a few products, new to the Manage At Home website.

1) Food Preparation Board

Ideal for anyone with gripping and handling issues, the food preparation board offers a practical solution to peeling, grating and slicing. The board’s manufacturers, Peta Easi-Grip spent ten years in development to make the perfect design.

2) Server W Forearm Walker

Unlike any other rollator on the Manage At Home website, the Server W offers armrests for added protection and comfort and is ideal for those living with arthritis. A new supplier and brand on the Manage At Home website, Rehasense are known for their innovative and market-leading designs in mobility.

3) Ta-Da Chair

Unique, the Ta-da chair is a versatile walking stick that transforms into a seat at the touch of a button. It is extremely lightweight and can hold up to just over 15 and a half stone. Manufacturers, Iconicare are also new to the Manage At Home website, known for their walking aids and creative designs.

4) Alphalite Electric Bed

New to the market, the British made Alphalite is a profiling bed that can be broken down into 4 parts as light as 25kg, making it easy to transport if needed. It features a built-in auto-regression function that is designed to increase patient comfort, reduces abdominal pressure and minimises shear and friction forces. The Alphalite is by far the most affordable profiling bed on the market.

5) Repose Chatsworth Dual Motor Riser Recliner Chair

British made, the stylish Chatworth Dual Motor is a riser recliner with a difference. It features lateral cushions that provide added support and is available in several widths, heights, depths and colours. This means it can be ordered with specifications that are best suited for your needs and preferences.