7 Daily Living Aids That Could Help Your Carer

Often forgotten heroes, Carers work hard every day to support care recipients in so many ways – but who supports them? It’s been an open discussion for several years that carers deserve the means to make their jobs easier, and in turn, help make the person they care for’s lives easier.

We’ve put together just a few products from our website that could help your carer in the day-to-day:

Three Pillow Riser Recliner by Drive DeVilbiss

1) Three Pillow Dual Motor Fabric Riser Recliner

Riser recliners are incredibly handy for those who struggle to get in and out of chairs daily. Saving carers the strain of lifting people on to their feet, as the chair will do it for you. It also reclines into a good comfort and snooze position, ideal for a those partial to a siesta. The Three Pillow by Drive DeVilbiss is possibly the most reasonably priced riser on the market, so it’s well worth a try.

2) Lightweight Powerstroll

Ideal for carers who want to ease the strain of pushing heavy wheelchairs, the Lightweight Powerstroll uses a battery-powered operating system that can reach up to 3mph. This product enables users to go up ramps and hills with ease, making it easier to enjoy journeys out with less of the strain.

Mobile SOS Alarm by Lifemax

3) Mobile SOS Button

The SOS button automatically calls 3 landline or mobile numbers set by the user or their carer, one after another until the call is answered. The user can then talk to the carer through the pendant. This is ideal for carers who don’t live with the patient, need to go out and do the shopping or have to pop to an appointment.

4) Washable Tubular Slide Sheets

Invaluable when either moving someone on or off a bed, for turning and as an aid to get sat up, a slide sheet makes a carer’s job that much easier. Smoother and quicker to manoeuvre, the carer simply places the sheet under the person in the bed and slides them into whatever position or direction required.

C500 Keysafe byThe Key Safe Company

5) C500 Police Approved Keysafe

Known to be the UK’s only police approved key safe, The C500 is perfect for those who can’t get to the door to let their carers in. Making it simpler for carers to access a house, it is ideal for those who are unable to get out of bed in the morning without assistance or struggle with movement-related issues.

6) Ambiturn Sit To Stand Transfer Aid

As it says in the name, the Ambiturn aids carers with getting people up into a standing position. The transfer aid has wheels to turn onto the right angle when transferring between sitting positions. Helping to avoid carers back strain, the transfer aid could become a huge help to your daily routine.

Bed Occupancy Alarm Kit by EasyLink

7) Bed Occupancy Alarm Kit

A vital piece of equipment for carers of those living with dementia, the Bed Occupancy Alarm Kit warns you when the person has left their bed. Once pressure is no longer applied to the pad, it starts setting off an alarm. You can also set a message to be heard by the person out of bed, which could save a trip to the bedroom to check on them.

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