Enigma Spirit Wheelchair Review

Enigma Spirit Wheelchair with Mag Wheels
From the Drive range was born the Enigma Spirit Wheelchair with Mag Wheels. The Mag wheel is a new moulded wheel composite which provides more durability and enables the chair to respond quicker.

The new Mag composite has one quality that all wheels should have, they are puncture free. The rest of the frame is made of light weight aluminium making the whole wheelchair weigh only 15kg (33lbs), so is very easy for the carer to use. This wheelchair is good value for money and lends itself to many features that are usually found on a more expensive model. Included in this price are one touch arm rests. It has removable nylon seat and back cushions which are padded for extra comfort. To gain maximum comfort as possible an adjustable back rest has been built in.

The footrest has swing out or removable for easier access into the wheelchair. For safety, which is absolute paramount height adjustable anti-tip wheels and long reach brakes handles are part of the wheelchairs design. The frame was designed for ease of use both by user and carer. The wheels are quick release and have a folding frame with half back mechanism so is easy to store and to transport. The chair is able to carry a user weight of up to18 stone (115kg). This is a very elegant looking chair and comes in four bright colours: yellow, silver, metallic red and metallic blue.