Review of our Basic Transit Aluminium Wheelchair

Basic Transit Aluminium Wheelchair

This Lightweight aluminium wheelchair is one of the first chairs that can be used with thoughts of moving into the Enigma range. Its fantastic value for money and there is no lapsing on quality. Being able to stop safely whilst using the chair is paramount. It is also fitted with cable brakes.

Cable brakes are particularly useful for those carers who may have difficulty and issues with strength in their hands. Simply pull on the handle for a quick smooth reaction to stop the chair.

The wheelchair comes with some useful features such as: comfortable nylon upholstered padded armrests and footrest that quickly move away for ease of getting in and out of the chair. The footrest are ingenuously height adjustable, this is an added bonus so the user can be comfortable whilst seated.

The seat is 18” wide and is made form a washable nylon canvas so is very strong and can take a user weight of up to 115kg (18 stone). It is able to attempt almost any terrain with no worry of puncturing the tyres, as they are puncture free. The wheelchair is a very easy device to fold away, it has a half folding back mechanism this allows easy storage and transporting from one place to another.

Being of simple but cleverly designed this chair is easy to assemble and comes complete with toolkit and owners handbook.

For this and other options, take a look at our extensive range of wheelchairs.