6 Devices To Make Cooking With Arthritis Easier

Contour Knob Turner

1. Contour Knob Turner

If you have difficulty with turning the knobs or dials on your cooker, microwave or dishwasher, then this may be the gadget for you. The easy grip knob turner conforms around the shape of any standard sized dial and makes it simple for you to adjust it with no fuss.

2. Comfort Grip Chef’s Knife

Offering a larger, more easy handling grip than ordinary household knives, this handy device could help avoid aches and pains when preparing your food.

Cooking Baskets

3. Cooking Baskets

Using devices such as cooking baskets when boiling vegetables and potatoes, cuts out the strain caused by the weight of the pan when draining and lifting your food out of your pots.

4. Non-Slip Cutting Board

If you have issues with limited hand movement when cutting up food or buttering bread, this device may be ideal for you. With handy rims on 3 sides of the board, it makes it easier for you to make a lunchtime sandwich or when cutting up your food without making a mess.

Self Opening Scissors

5. Self Opening Scissors

With a spring powered release and a large handle, this essential kitchen device allows you to use your whole hand, and not just your fingers. Self opening scissors help with alleviating pressure when chopping your food and is particularly helpful for those with decreased hand strength or thumb injuries.

6. Bottle, Can & Jar Openers

Some of the simplest, most effective gadgets available to make your experience in the kitchen easier are bottle, can and jar openers. With a number of options available on our retail website, Manage At Home, these devices can save you the pain often caused when opening your favourite soup, jams and juice kept in your pantry.

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