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Leg Rests

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  1. Comfy Adjustable Foot Stool
    Code: 10119

    Comfy Adjustable Foot Stool

    This Comfy adjustable footstool has a comfortable foam padded leg and foot rest and adjusts in height and angle to suit your sitting position
    £39.00 Select
  2. Beaumont Leg Rest
    Code: 11444

    Beaumont Leg Rest

    The Beaumont Leg Rest features a vinyl top that has heat sealed seams for improved hygiene. The height adjustable frame is finished in a tough epoxy polymer finish.
    From £36.90 Select £30.75 ex VAT
  3. Tuffet Leg Rest
    Code: 11448

    Tuffet Leg Rest

    A versatile leg rest that can be used in two comfortable positions with a maximum leg raise of 360mm (14.5"). You can adjust the firmness via a valve for personal preference.
    £82.00 Select £68.33 ex VAT Tuffet Leg Rest
  4. Queen Anne Stool
    Code: 12251

    Queen Anne Stool

    The Queen Anne Stool is an elegant accessory for the Queen Anne Fireside Chair. It is ideal for resting tired legs and is available in 3 colours – Crimson, Sage and Biscuit.
    From £89.00 Select £74.17 ex VAT Queen Anne Stool
4 item(s)View All