Review of our Drive Deluxe Folding Walker

Drive Deluxe Folding Walker

Drive is a company that prides itself as being members of the British Healthcare Trade association. Drive  is one of the leading manufacturers of durable medical products.

The products are world class and focus on innovation, functioning and to add value to improve the quality of life for individuals. Using this frame promotes a sense of independence.

The Drive deluxe folding walker is constructed with 1” thick anodised aluminium tubing. This material is well known for its light weight qualities and strength. Plus with the aluminium being anodised, which means the metal has gone through a process to make it thicker and prevents corrosion; this is a great metal to use for this type of frame.

Because the frame is of a quality strength it is able to take a user weight of up to 160kg (25 stone). A particular clever feature on this frame is a simple trigger release folding mechanism, this is ideal for those users who have hand limitation and finger dexterity.

The triggers can be reached by all hand sizes. To help with the comfort of the vinyl hand grip it has been ergonomically contoured. Again as with all the drive range walkers the frame has height adjustable features to provide the user with even greater comfort.

This model is just one of many in our wide range of walking frames.