Product Data Sheets

We have placed this list of printable A4 size PDF format on this page as a quick resource for both customers and their advisors and carers. These data sheets feature popular products, however on request by email to or by calling 0800 910 1864 we can supply a data sheet for any product that we sell. Data sheets can also be found on their respective product page on our website.

4 in 1 Perching Stool Product Leaflet
Adjustable Bath & Shower Chair Manual
Adjustable Bath & Shower Stool Manual
Anti-Slip Manual
Aquajoy Premier Plus Bath Lift Brochure
Aquajoy Saver Bath Lift Leaflet
Aquila Bath Lift Manual
Archimedes Manual
Ashby Bath Shortener Line Drawing
Ashby Bath Step Line Drawing
AutoSlide Manual
Bamboo Corner Shower Stool Manual
Bathing Cushion Manual
Bath Step Manual
Bellavita Bath Lift Instructions
Big John Drawing
Big John User Instructions
Blue Grab Rail Manual
Columbi Toilet Chair Drawing
Columbi Toilet Chair User Guide
Comfort Cushion Manual
Cooking Basket Information
Cosby Bathboard Line Drawing
Cosby Bath Seat Line Drawing
Cosby Heavy Duty Bathboard Line Drawing
Curved Rail 12 Manual
Curved Rail 18 Manual
Curved Rail 24 Manual
Derby Basketweave Commode Line Drawing
Derby Bathbench Drawing
Derby Bathbench User Guide
Derby Bathboard Drawing
Derby Bathboard User Guide
Derby Bath Seat User Guide
Derby Bath Seat Drawing
Derby Half Step Line Drawing
Derwent Trolley Walker Compact Line Drawing
Derwent Trolley Walker Standard Line Drawing
Devon Commode Line Drawing
Doro Secure 580 Information
Easi-Grip Scissors Factsheet
Etac Edge Shower Stool Information
Extra Wide Royale Commode Line Drawing
Footstool Manual
Gold Effect Grab Rail 12 Manual
Gold Effect Grab Rail 18 Manual
Gold Effect Grab Rail 24 Manual
Granberg Clothes Rail Lift Brochure
Granberg Clothes Rail Lift Manual
Grip On Furniture Raisers Drawing
Handy Pillow Lift Manual
IDSoft Wheelchair Information
IncoSheet Manual
KeySafe How To Use
KeySafe Installation
KeySafe Setting The Code
KeySafe Permanent Specification
KeySafe Slimline Specification
Long Handled Bathing Accessories Information
Sidhil M.A.P Brochure
Medina Bathboard & Seat Instructions
Myco Swivel Bather Factsheet
Neptune Bath Lift Manual
Oarsome Crutch Compatibility List
Oarsome Grip Testimonials
OneWaySlide Manual
Plug Pull Info
Posturelite Pneumatic Valve System Information
Powerstroll Wheelchair Leaflet
Prima Angled Grab Bar Dimensions
Prima Bath Step Dimensions
Prima Multi-Frame Drawing
Prima Multi-Frame User Guide
Prima Multi-Frame Arm Rests User Guide
Prima Perching Stool Drawing
Prima Perching Stool Instructions
Prima Raised Toilet Seat Instructions
Prima Raised Toilet Seat 2-4 Drawing
Prima Raised Toilet Seat 6 Drawing
Prima Straight Grab Bar Dimensions
Raised Toilet Seat with Armrests Information
Roma Pool Chair Specification
Royale Commode Line Drawing
Royale Flushing Commode Line Drawing
Savanah Bath Seat Instructions
Silva Wooden Bed Raiser Line Drawing
Single Hand Tray Information
SnapOn System Leaflet
Splash Bath Lift Manual
Square Rail 12 Manual
Square Rail 18 Manual
Square Rail 24 Manual
Days Strider ST2 Manual
Standard Bathboard Manual
Swift Mobile Commode Leaflet
Swing-Up Grab Rail Manual
Tap Turners Product Drawing
Toe Nail Cutter Factsheet
Transfer Board Line Drawing
Twister Jar Opener Information
Voyager Folding Commode Drawing
Voyager Folding Commode Userguide
Powerstroll (Z24000) Quick Installation Guide
Powerstroll (Z24000) Handbook
Powerstroll (Z24000A) Quick Installation Guide
Powerstroll (Z24000A) Handbook