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Perching Stools

Perching stools provide extra support while carrying out household tasks such as cooking and ironing.

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Perching stool

Cups & Mugs

Our cups and mugs make it easier for people with limited coordination and control over movement to drink without assistance.

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Indoor Trolleys

Indoor trolleys allow you to safely transport items around the house and are ideal for people who struggle with movement and coordination.

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Kettle Tippers, Jar and Bottle Openers, Easy Grip Utensils, Perching Stools and Non Slip Mats

Food preparation can be made much easier with our range of gadgets and utensils. Easy to grip can, jar and bottle openerscombined with a non slip mat can help when opening products. We have chopping boards that hold the food still and knives with easy to grip ergonomic handles and a perching stool to take the weight off your feet can help when making a meal.

Other useful items for the kitchen include tap and knob turners that provide leverage to turn taps off and on, plus trolleys and non slip trays for carrying meals safely. For dining our range of easy to grip cutlery, plates and dishes with raised lips, and non spill cups and protective adult bibs are also to be found in this section.

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