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Daily Living Aids


Home Living Aids

Grab rails, Tap turners, Reachers and Grabbers - Aids to Daily Living

Aids, tools and gadgets to help with everyday tasks can be found in the accessibility section. Grab rails can provide extra support when moving around home. Tap turners and knob turners help weaker hands to use standard taps and cooker controls by providing extra leverage. Reaching the ground or a high shelf can be difficult, but reachers and grabbers can be used to pick things up more easily.

Home Living Aid Product Categories

  1. Reachers & Grabbers

    Reachers & Grabbers

  2. Tap Turners

    Tap Turners

  3. Knob Turners

    Knob Turners

  4. Plug Pull

    Plug Pull

  5. Pill Boxes & Reminders

    Pill Boxes & Reminders

  6. Cleaning Accessories

    Cleaning Accessories

  7. Easi-Grip Scissors

    Easi-Grip Scissors

  8. Tweezers & Nail Clippers

    Tweezers & Nail Clippers

  9. Talking Watches & Clocks

    Talking Watches & Clocks

  10. Window Pull

    Window Pull