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Aquajoy Saver Upright Bathlift

Aquajoy Saver Upright Bathlift
The Aquajoy Saver bath lift is a very high quality fixed bath lift, made in the UK and delivered free in 2 working days.
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The Aquajoy Saver bath lift is a very high quality fixed back bath lift designed and manufactured in the UK after extensive consultation with healthcare professionals and end user testing. The design allows the user to maximise the space available in the bath as it allows the bathlift to be positioned right at the back of the bath, and the short footprint maximises useable bath space.

The Aquajoy Saver will fit in almost any style of bath, even corner baths, it is easy to fit and remove in two sections (the back rest folds forward to detach easily. Rising to a seat height of 460 mm and lowering to just 78 mm it makes access easy for deep baths and comfortable bathing. The slim streamlined frame structure allows easy cleaning of both the bath lift and the bath with the bath lift in place.

A simple hand control, which will either float or locate on the bath side with suction pads is used to raise and lower the bath lift. It will not lower the seat if there insufficient charge remaining to raise it again.

The maximum user weight is 160 kg or 25 stone. A large selection of accessories are available - see below.

 Seat length  410 mm (16.1") overall
 Seat width    355 mm (14") - flaps folded. 725 mm (28.5") - flaps extended
 Seat height   78 mm (2.8") lowest position to 465 mm (18.3") highest position
 Seat depth  506 mm (19.9") from back rest to front edge of seat
 Backrest height  655 mm (25.8")
 Backrest width  355 mm (14")
 Maximum user weight  160 kg (25 stone)
 Product weight  10.89 kg (no battery) Spilt: Seat assembly 4.8 kg Base 3.06 kg
 Acutuator 3.12 kg Handset including battery - 664 grams
  • Three piece lightweight fixed bathlift
  • Fits almost all bath styles including corner baths
  • Maximises legroom in the bath
  • Bariatric weight limit as standard
  • Can be used with and without seat covers
  • Slim framework allows easy bath cleaning without removing the bath lift
  • Easy release suction feet
  • Simple battery charging process
  • Will not lower into the bath if insufficient battery charge is remaining to raise the bathlift again
  • Lightweight, fully waterproof, floating hand control
  • Wide range of accessories
  • 3 year warranty (battery hand control 1 year)

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