Threshold Ramps

Threshold Mobility Ramps

The range of threshold ramps available from Manage At Home include single sided and bridge ramps which allow smooth transit over small steps and door thresholds of the type frequently found in homes with UPVC doorframes. These ramps are generally left in position semi-permanently but can be lifted and removed if needed. They are manufactured in aluminium or fibreglass, with a anti-slip finish and come in a variety of heights.

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    Aerolight-Travel Kerb Ramp

    The new Aerolight-Travel Kerb Ramp is the perfect answer to getting out and about. Compact and lightweight and includes a handy carry bag.

    £345.83 ex VAT
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    Doorline-Threshold Wedge

    These ramps are designed for overcoming lower steps and thresholds and are available in a range of heights. They are strong, lightweight and easy and quick to deploy and feature an all-we...

    £100.00 ex VAT
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    Doorline-Multi Threshold Ramp

    The Doorline-Multi Threshold Ramp is the ultimate portable solution for uPVC door thresholds. It is lightweight features a special lip with a rubber grip that rests securely on the thresh...

    £258.33 ex VAT
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    Doorline Bridge Ramp

    The Doorline- Bridge is ideal for wheelchair users who struggle to get over awkward thresholds. The bridge forms a smooth ramp to allow the user to enter with ease while simultaneously pr...

    £150.00 ex VAT
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    The Butterfly Ramp

    The Butterfly Large Folding Threshold Bridge Ramp is ideal for those who struggle stepping into doorway thresholds such as those in wheelchairs. The lightweight ramp conveniently folds in...

    £483.33 ex VAT
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    Permaramp-Adjust Ramp with Quickrails

    The Permaramp- Adjust with Quickrails is ideal for fragile PVC doorways as no threshold fixings are required. The ramp features self-supporting legs and swivel feet that evenly distribute...

    £1150.00 ex VAT
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    Ultralight Combi Channel Ramps

    The Ultralight-Combi is a lightweight ramp ideal for going up and over PVC thresholds. The ramp is fully adjustable, and each half can be altered individually.Available in different width...

    £683.33 ex VAT
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