Our Code: 18615  /  MPN474-1011-03

EchoChime300 Wireless Doorbell & Bellpush

Our Code: 18615  /  MPN474-1011-03

The EchoChime 300 is a high-quality alerting device, that comes pre paired with a wireless doorbell. The doorbell is easy to fit and weather resistant. The alerting device is loud sounding with adjustable chimes and bright flashing lights.

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About the EchoChime300 Wireless Doorbell & Bellpush

Never miss someone at the door with the EchoChime 300, an innovative alerting device and doorbell that gives those with reduced hearing peace of mind.

The EchoChime 300 comes pre paired with the compatible doorbell and is ready to use straight out of the box. The bell push is easy to mount both indoors and outside without the need for specialised tools or knowledge. For durability against the unpredictable British seasons the device is fully weather resistant. The doorbell device is classy and indiscriminate to ensure it blends in seamlessly to the front of every house.

To guarantee the chime will always be heard, it can be changed to a choice of melodies. The different and distinguishable chime options include a phone or siren sound. The adjustable tone ensures the sound best fits the user’s needs such a requiring a high or low tone. Additionally, the volume can be increased or decreased as needed.

Together with the chimes the EchoChime 300 receiver has bright flashing lights to alert the user, ideal for those with severely reduced hearing. Moreover, four picture icons are individually illuminated to indicate the source of activation, ideal for when more than one transmitter is connected.

The receiver is battery powered in order to remain as portable and lightweight as possible, perfect for moving around the home. Batteries are included and are hassle free to replace via the front cover. Additionally, the alert device has an impressive range of 300 m in an open field.

Best of all, additional alter devices can be easily connected to the EchoChime 300 making it a multifunctional home alert device. Up to four transmitters can be individually connected to the alerting device, such as a sound sensor or a telephone signaller.

  • Portable
  • Choice of melodies
  • Adjustable volume
  • 300 m range
  • Weather resistant
  • Bright flashing lights
  • Easy to fit

For more information please read the product specification.

EchoChime300 Wireless Doorbell & Bellpush Specification

Length 134 mm (5")
Width 166 mm (6½")
Depth 42 mm (1½")


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