Our Code: 18631

Signature Comfort Plus Dual Profiling Bed

Our Code: 18631

The Signature Comfort Plus Dual Profiling Bed is ideal for couples as it has 2 separate platforms that can be altered without affecting the other occupant. Each platform acts as an independent profiling bed that has adjustable foot and back rests. For extra security the bed has drop side rails. Price includes delivery and installation.

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About the Signature Comfort Plus Dual Profiling Bed

The Signature Comfort Plus Dual Profiling bed is ideal for couples that want to remain sleeping next to each other but require medical care and support. Best of all the bed is designed to blend in seamlessly to any home and give the illusion of a regular bed.

Each person can decide their own sleeping positions without disturbing their partner as the bed is made up of two autonomous mattress platforms that can each be altered independently. The two separate platforms each have five sections that can be adjusted to best suit the users need. The back rests can be raised to support the user when they are sitting up in bed for example when reading or watching television. Each footrest can be raised individually, ideal for those who suffer from fluid build-up in the legs.

The bed as a whole can be raised and lowered as needed, via the easy-to-use remote control. The bed can be raised up to 730 mm, perfect for nurses and care giver to complete tasks such as turning and repositioning the user, without over stretching or staining their backs. To aid in getting into and out of the bed, the frame can be lowered to 245 mm, in order to reduce the distance between the bed and floor. The low bed height also helps prevent injury if the user was to fall or roll out of the bed while asleep.

For additional help in preventing falls or injury the Signature Comfort Plus has side rails. Each rail is made up of three sections that can each be raised or dropped as required. The rails can also double as grab handles for the user when getting into and out of the bed or even just repositioning themselves.

All adjustments can be made using the remote, each handset is simple and easy to understand. Featuring soft touch buttons and rounded edges, to ensure a comfortable grip in the hand. If required, the remote can be locked to allow the operator to deactivate functions for safety purposes. 

For easy manoeuvrability the frame sits on eight castors wheels.  The wheels allow the bed to be repositioned within a room or home without any unnecessary struggles. Once positioned the wheels can be locked using the brakes to prevent unwanted movements.

The Signature Comfort Dual is designed with the same finishes as a regular bed to ensure it remains discrete in any bedroom. Uniquely the bed features a low footboard for unobstructed views such as when watching television. The headboard is available in three different styles, while the whole frame has several fabric options. Each style is warm and friendly to blend in seamlessly into any home.

Price includes delivery and installation.

  • Height adjustable
  • Drop side rails
  • Stylish
  • Upholstered finish
  • Low footboard
  • Independent mattress adjustment
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Easy to use remote

For more information please read the product specification.

Signature Comfort Plus Dual Profiling Bed Specification

Headboard height 970mm (38”)
Length  2080 mm (82”)
Width 2080 mm (82)
Height to Mattress Platform 245 mm to 730 mm (9½” to 29”)
 Maximum user weight 2 x 170 kg (2 x 27 stone)


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