Our Code: 18598

Signature Upholstered Profiling Bed

Our Code: 18598

The Signature Upholstered Profiling Bed provides support and comfort for those with additional care needs. The bed can be raised to waist height or lowered to floor level and for improved comfort both the backrest and footrest can be adjusted. Upholstered with a choice of high-quality fabric.

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About the Signature Upholstered Profiling Bed

A good night’s sleep is all but guaranteed with the Signature Upholstered Profiling Bed. The bed has been designed to help those with limited mobility find and be supported in a comfortable position.

The Profiling Bed is both comfortable and practical, ideal for a care or nursing home environment. The bed can be raised to waist height to help to prevent care givers from over stretching and injuring themselves. On the flip side of this, the bed can be lowered to floor height, to help the user to get into and out of the bed without any major difficulty.

Furthermore, when the bed is lowered it reduces the distance a user would fall in case of an accident during the night.
To aid in preventing falls, the profiling bed comes with an option of a full-length side rail. The rail helps the user feel safe and allows them to grip on it when moving and readjusting themselves. When not needed the rail can be lowered from outside the bed for unobstructed access.

For improved comfort the bed can be adjusted to best suit the users needs, the backrest can be raised to help the user sit up for reading or improved posture. For lower limb support the bed features a footrest that can be raised to help relieve tension and pressure, ideal for those with fluid build-up in their legs.

Controlling and operating the bed is easy, with the straightforward remote. Each button on the remote is enlarged to make it easy to distinguish and press. When not in use the remote can be attached onto the bed frame for easy and quick access.

For added convenience, the bed sits on four castors that allows it to be easily repositioned and moved from room to room. Once the bed is in the right position the brakes can be applied to lock it into place.

Each bed frame is sleek and stylish and has a range of finishes to make it warm and homely, and to give the illusion of a regular bed. Both the head and footrest are upholstered with a choice of high-quality fabric and is padded for extra comfort.  All the fabric choices are neutral tones that will blend into any room seamlessly.

  • Height adjustable
  • Adjustable leg rest
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Optional side rail
  • Stylish
  • Straightforward remote

For more information please read the product specification.

Signature Upholstered Profiling Bed Specification

  SingleWide singleSmall double
Headboard height 980 mm (38½”) 980 mm (38½”) 980 mm (38½”)
Length  2080mm (82") 2080mm (82") 2080mm (82")
Width 1050mm (41”) 1200mm (47”) 1350mm (53”)
Height to Mattress Platform 245mm to 730mm (9½ to 29”) 245mm to 730mm (9½ to 29”) 245mm to 730mm (9½ to 29”)
 Maximum user weight 170kg (27 stone) 170kg (27 stone) 170kg (27 stone)


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