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AutoFold Elite Scooter

Our Code: 17055  /  MPNFLEX/SUSP/*COLOUR*

The AutoFold Elite Scooter features a newly designed Delta bar that includes a digital LCD screen. The scooter can be folded quickly and easily using the remote control and once folded the carry handle aids easy transportation. Additional features include LED front headlights and a USB charging point.

This product is now availabe in red and will be available in blue at the beginning of February 2022.

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Product Description

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Zip around town in style with the AutoFold Elite Scooter, this modern and stylish scooter is not just practical but incredibly safe.

Featuring a new padded Delta bar to ensure the best comfort grip, the bar is extremely sensitive to movement to allow the user complete control over directions. Conveniently placed in the centre of the Delta bar, the digital LCD screen displays speed, battery power, milage and even travel time. The screen will even illuminate to allow the user peace of mind even at night.

Additionally, the scooter features a unique folding system that allows the user to fold and unfold the device in just 15 seconds. Best of all this can all be done from one click of the remote control. Once compacted the scooter is ideal for transporting in cars and public transport using the helpfully placed carry handle.

The scooter has a practical design, including LED front headlights and a USB charging point. The scooter can reach speeds of 4 miles per hour and even has an anti-roll back system to prevent it from rolling backwards on hills.

The practicality of the scooter does not come at the cost of style, with a fresh metallic silver finish and matching silver wheel hubs.

For more information please read the product specification.

Product Specification

Length 960 mm (38")
Width 450 mm (18")
Height 940 mm (38")
Length folded 450 mm (18")
width folded 450 mm (18")
Total product weight27 kg (4 stone)
Maximum user weight125 kg (20 stone)
  • LED front headlight
  • USB charging point
  • Remote control operated
  • Auto folds in 15 seconds

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