Our Code: 17054  /  MPN253-102

Doro 780X

Our Code: 17054  /  MPN253-102

The Doro 780X is the simplest mobile phone on the market, that priorities safety above all else. The face of the phone features three large keys that allow the user to easily reach three pre-determined numbers. The assistance button can be pressed in any situation and automatically sends a message to those in your contacts with your location.

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About the Doro 780X

These days it is common to feel overwhelmed and intimidated by modern technology but with the Doro 780X mobile phone it is easier than ever to stay connected to the people that matter.

The Doro 780X strips away all the unnecessary and complicated aspects of a mobile and purely focuses on creating the simplest phone possible focusing mainly on safety.

The main feature of the Doro 780X is that it only allows for three numbers to be called, this is done via the three large keys on the front with name labels. Permitting the user to contact those people quickly and easily without having to scroll through phone books.

Additionally, the phone features an assistance button, this rapidly sends an alarm to the pre-programmed list of people, with details of your location. Even if they have placed their phone on ‘do not disturb’ they will receive a loud alarm to alert them to your situation.

The phone is incredible easy to set up, as those who you wish to set as your trusted contacts can set up and manage the Doro 780X from an app installed in their own phone.

Finally, the phone is water resistance and comes unlocked so you can input any Micro sim.

  • Easy to use
  • GPS location
  • Only three direct dial buttons
  • Water resistance
  • Assistance button

For more information please read the product specification.

Doro 780X Specification

Length 135 mm (5")
Width 60 mm (2")
Depth 12 mm (½")
Total product weight 118 g

Delivery and Returns

Delivery of this product will be made directly from the distributor in approximately 3-5 working days.

If you have any questions about the product or need to return it to us, in the first instance please email info@manageathome.co.uk or call our customer services department on 0800 910 1864

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