Our Code: 10451  /  MPNPGT-AH

Easi-Grip Add-on Handles (2 pack)

Our Code: 10451  /  MPNPGT-AH

The Easi-Grip Add-on Handles can be easily fitted to regular garden tools to convert them into ergonomicly enhanced tools.

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Product Description

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The Easi-Grip Add-on Handles are designed for people who suffer from wrist problems. Their ergonomic design keeps your wrist in its most natural position and prevents excessive strain.

The Easi-Grip Add-on Handles can be easily fitted to regular garden tools to convert them into ergonomicly enhanced tools.

The Easi-Grip Add-on Handles aren't limited to garden tool use, they can also be used on everyday household tools such as vacuum cleaners and brooms.

Fits on handles of up to 40mm (1.5 inch) in diameter

This handle can be used with the Easi-Grip Plug-in Arm Support Cuff which allows the strength of the forearm to also be used

For more information please read the product specification.

Product Specification

  • Can be fitted to long handled items to give an upright working position, thus preventing undue back strain and giving a wider field of work without twisting the body.
  • Sold as pack of two handles which are fitted by tightening the large plastic wing nuts on the stainless steel clamps (maximum dimension 40mm)
  • By using with arm support cuff some tasks can be completed with just one functional arm.
  • Suggested uses : trowels, garden forks, rakes, hoes, brooms etc.
  • When used with arm support cuff, household tasks such as sweeping and mopping can be achieved one-handed.
  • Allows all the benefits of the Easi-Grip® ergonomic handle without having to replace all your garden tools
  • Soft-feel, non-slip finish
  • Brightly coloured to make easily visible in cupboard or shed

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