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Echo MiniTechT Personal Listener

Our Code: 18611  /  MPN751

The Echo MiniTechT is a high-quality listening device that superbly amplifies conversations and audio. The device allows the user to adjust the volume, bass and treble to best suit their environment. Alternatively, it can also be used as a first rate tv listener. Includes headset and neckloop.

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About the Echo MiniTechT Personal Listener

Hear every word loud and clear with the Echo MiniTechT. The innovative personal listening device perfectly amplifies sound and is ideal for everyday conversations, business meetings and even watching television.

The Echo MiniTechT showcases an incredibly sensitive microphone that can pick up even the smallest of sounds from across a room. Furthermore, the microphone can be extended and placed in the centre of a room to pick up more of a conversation. Especially useful in a business meeting setting with voices and sound coming from multiple directions.

The personal listening device can also double as a TV listener, by simply plugging the audio lead into the television or stereo to get the sound directly.

Thanks to the first-rate microphone, each device gives a beautiful quality of sound. The variable volume controls allow the user to increase or decrease the volume as required and to best suit the environment. Additionally, the Echo MiniTechT features active tone control to adjust the bass and treble for either a brighter and more detailed sound or a mellow and flatter sound. 

Each device can be used in conjunction with stereo headphones or an under the chin headset, for a digital quality of sound. Another listening option is a high-powered neck loop that transmits the sound directly to a hearing aid when switched to the built in ‘T’ coil setting. Please note that people with a pacemaker should consult a GP or doctor before using the neck loop. 

Designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible, even for those with reduced eyesight. For example, the volume control buttons are enlarged and raised to make them easy to distinguish and press. Additionally, a green light indictor will let the user know when the device is switched on to help prevent battery wastage.

The device has an exceptionally long battery life and can be used for an average of 110 hours before the batteries need to be changed, making it ideal for running over a long period of time. For extra convenience the Echo MiniTechT comes with a handy carry pouch for when on the move.

Suppied with both headset and neckloop.

  • Superb sound quality
  • Active tone control
  • On/off indicator
  • Extendable microphone
  • ‘T’ coil setting
  • Batteries included


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Echo MiniTechT Personal Listener Specification

Height 103 mm (4”)
Width 59 mm (2”)
Depth 23½ mm (1”)
Total weight 101 g


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