Our Code: 17106  /  MPNFW006R

Fidget Widget Tool Kit

Our Code: 17106  /  MPNFW006R

The Fidget Widget Tool kit is ideal for those living with dementia. The handheld gadgets encourage repetitive movements such as turning, twisting, sliding, rolling and spinning without any specific way of use. Each kit features 5 widgets that are proven to reduce restlessness.

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About the Fidget Widget Tool Kit

Many people who live with dementia struggle to engage in everyday activities and as a result feel isolated and bored. The Fidget Widget Tool Kit provides specifically designed gadgets to help people with dementia feel occupied and stimulated.

Each gadget has been designed by the Alzheimer’s Society in collaboration with the University of Central Lancashire after extensive research to ensure the best for your loved ones. Each kit includes five specifically designed gadgets to reduce tension and restlessness.

Each gadget has a specifical yet simple movement, including twisting, turning, sliding, rolling and spinning. Each one fits comfortably into the user’s hand and can be used repetitively to sooth and calm their mind.

Best of all there is no right or wrong method for use as each way keeps users’ hands busy. This allows a boost to the user’s confidence and creativity.

  • Ideal for dementia suffers
  • Reduces tension and restlessness
  • No right or wrong way
  • Fits comfortable in the hand
  • Includes 5 widgets

For more information please read the product specification.

Fidget Widget Tool Kit Specification

 Length 190 mm (7½")
Width 80 mm (3")
Height 60 mm (2")

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