Our Code: 17081  /  MPNSP14027

Harley Bed Relaxer

Our Code: 17081  /  MPNSP14027

The Harley Bed Relaxer provides support and comfort to the spine and neck while seated upright or can be laid flat to raise the height of a pillow to help improve sleep. No matter the position the pillow can improve posture, reduce back pain, prevent acid reflux and aid in post-surgery recovery. Made from high quality materials, the relaxer provides unbeatable comfort while in bed.

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About the Harley Bed Relaxer

Feel supported and comfortable while sitting upright in bed, allowing you to easily reading or turn down the relaxer to raise the height of a pillow. The Harley Bed Relaxer has got you covered!

The relaxer is filled with high quality polyurethane foam that is extremely comfortable and moulds to the shape of your body. When placed upright at a 30° angle the relaxer improves your overall posture and removes potentially painful pressure from the spine. This position is ideal for reading, eating in bed and just watching TV.

Additionally, the relaxer can be laid flat and placed below a pillow to help support and raise your neck while asleep. Sleeping in this position keeps your neck and back in a straight position, which has many proven benefits. Firstly, this position reduces acid leaking from the stomach and lowers the risk of acid reflux. Additionally, it reduces pain associated with sleeping flat, such as hiatus, hernia, or respiratory conditions. Sleeping in a raised position can even help to reduce snoring!

The pillow comes with a white polyester fleece cover, that will not look out of place in any bedroom! The cover can be removed and is washable to ensure good hygiene practices.

  • Cushion for back and neck support
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Raises pillow height
  • Improves posture, neck pain and acid reflux
  • Removable cover

For more information please read the product specification.

Harley Bed Relaxer Specification

 Length 460 mm (18")
Width 560 mm (22")
Height 190 mm (7½")

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