Our Code: 12050  /  MPNMAP/100/S

M.A.P Pressure Monitoring System

Our Code: 12050  /  MPNMAP/100/S

The M.A.P is a pressure monitoring system which can be used on any mattress system to provide a real time visual ‘pressure map’ of the patients body and clearly define areas of high pressure.

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About the M.A.P Pressure Monitoring System

The M.A.P is the very first continuous bedside pressure monitoring system which can be used on any mattress system to provide 24/7 data on pressure levels developing between patient and support surfaces. The monitor displays a real time visual 'pressure map' of the patient's body and clearly defines areas of high pressure. This enables caregivers to alter the patients position appropriately which in turn reduces pressure and therefore reduces the potenital for pressure ulcers. The M.A.P monitor will continuously display data gathered by the pressure sensor mat and can be positioned to allow both the patient themselves or a caregiver to view a real time image. The M.A.P pressure sensing mat houses thousands of sensing points which are capable of accurately projecting an image of the patients body onto the monitor. Continuous pressure readings are then sent to the monitor where they are diplayed as colour coded images depicting areas of high and low pressure.

Supplied with Monitor, Pressure Sensor Mat and Monitor Holder.

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For more information please read the product specification.

M.A.P Pressure Monitoring System Specification

So how do you assess the effectiveness of pressure redistribution protocols guided by M.A.P™?

Current guidelines recommend repositioning patients in bed in order to relieve or redistribute pressure.

  • How do caregivers know that repositioning interventions are actually relieving or redistributing pressure?
  • How can caregivers know with certainty that the duration and levels of pressure have been minimised in vulnerable areas?
  • How do caregivers know that support surfaces are working optimally and are adjusted to suit each individual?

The visual indication given by the M.A.P™’ monitor confirms to caregivers that:

  • Repositioning (even very minimal movements) have relieved pressure
  • Pressure has been reduced in vulnerable areas (such as heels)
  • Elevating the head of the bed has made a difference
  • Support surfaces are working correctly for individual patients
  • The contribution made by support surfaces can be enhanced and monitored over time, adjusting settings to match individual needs and verifying that these adjustment have had the correct effect

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