Our Code: 17164  /  MPNADVANCE

Oxford Advance

Our Code: 17164  /  MPNADVANCE

The Oxford Advance is an extremely versatile patient lift to make any transfer easy and simple. The device is ideal for areas with limited space and can be easily adapted to suite the patients need. When not in use the device can be folded down for simple transfer and storage.

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About the Oxford Advance

Designed to make patient transfers as simple and easy as possible, the Oxford Advance is one of the most functional patient lifts on the market.

The Oxford Advance is extremely versatile and can be used for most critical transfers, such as bed to chair transfers, floor to bed transfers and even chair to bath transfers.

Owing to the handy design the Oxford Advance is ideal for home care and nursing environments.  The ‘swan-neck’ leg design is suited to compact areas where space is limited as they allow the device to fit around furniture and equipment with ease.

The device can be adjusted to meet the patients required needs and has a safe working load of 155 kg. The Cradle/Spreader Bar allows for the option of a shallow four-point positioning cradle. Therefore, allowing the caregiver a greater choice of slings for each occasion to ensure patient safety and comfort.

Once the patient is secure the caregiver can move and adjust the device using the simple hand control. Thus, preventing the carer from doing any unnecessary heavy lifting and helping to prevent injury or strain. 

When not in use the Oxford Advance can be easily folded away for transport and storage purposes. The device can be folded down without the need for any specialised tools or knowledge and fits comfortably into most standard saloon cars’ boot.

Additionally, the Advance features a smart monitor that aids in diagnosing all problems that may occur within the device. While also advising the user to schedule key maintenance to always ensure the Oxford Advance is in optimum condition. 

For more information please read the product specification.

Oxford Advance Specification

Safe Working Load341 IBS
Maximum Overall Length51 INCHES
Minimum Overall Length49 INCHES
Minimum Overall Height53.5 INCHES
Maximum Overall Height73 INCHES
Height (Folded)17.1 INCHES
Depth (Folded)46.4 INCHES
Width21.6 INCHES
Spreader Bar - MAX Height66.5 INCHES
Spreader Bar - MIN Height (Usable)15.3 INCHES
Height at MAX reach46 INCHES
Reach at MAX Height25.6 INCHES
Reach at MIN Height13.7 INCHES
MAX Reach (Centre of spreader bar to front of Mast)32.8 INCHES
Turning Radius55.9 INCHES
Legs Open - EXTERNAL Width42.5 INCHES
Legs Open - INTERNAL Width39.3 INCHES
Legs CLosed - EXTERNAL Width26.3 INCHES
Legs Closed - INTERNAL Width22.4 INCHES
Overall Height of Legs4.5 INCHES
Ground Clearance1.1 INCHES
Front Twin Castors3 INCHES
Rear Braked Castors3.9 INCHES

Delivery and Returns

If you choose the delivery only option the item will be delivered on a pallet to your kerb side (you will need to ring for this option).  Should you opt for delivery and installation, your item with be brought into the property, set up and commissioned and will include a full product demonstration.

The product is supplied with comprehensive set-up and user instructions.

This will take roughly around 7  - 10 working days for the installation to take place.

If you have any questions about the product or need to return it to us, in the first instance please email info@manageathome.co.uk or call our customer services department on 0800 910 1864

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