Our Code: 17163  /  MPNSWITCH

Oxford Switch

Our Code: 17163  /  MPNSWITCH

The Oxford Switch is a manual standing aid designed to help a person with reduced mobility, stand from a seated position and enable their transfer from one point to another. The Switch can be easily rolled and stored in small spaces as it easily splits into two halves for storage and transit, adding to the convenience. The Switch is simple and swiftly deployable thanks to its straightforward design and lack of electrical components. It also gains from simple and straightforward methods for servicing and maintaining it.As a rehabilitation aid, the manual stand aid actively encourages the user to participate in the standing process. It engages core muscle groups while improving strength and function. In addition, the optional Patient Handling Belt provides additional standing support for the patient and offers grab handles and an adjustable looped strap that offer the carer a means of providing further assistance during standing.

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About the Oxford Switch

The Oxford Switch is an easy to use sit to stand transfer aid. The device is ideal for those with good upper body strength but who still require assistance getting from point A to B.

To begin the patient simply places their feet on the markings on the footplate and press their knees into the angled knee plates. Once the patient feels comfortable, they can simply stand up, by using the hand bars to support themselves.

The carer can then remove the brakes using the conveniently placed pedals which allows the aid to move freely. The base has four castors and two wheels to evenly distribute the user’s weight and allow for smooth and easy manoeuvrability.

Modifications have been made for patient comfort, such as height adjustable knee pads to match up to the patient’s height exactly. The bars have an attachment point to connect a handling belt if it is required.

When not in use the device is easy to store and perfect for transporting.

  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Sit to stand transfers
  • Wheel brakes
  • Adjustable knee pads

For more information please read the product specification.

Oxford Switch Specification

Safe Working Load397 lbs
Overall Height46 inches
Overall Length26.4 inches
Overall Width21.7 inches
Knee Pad Height (Top of Pad)13.6 - 20.3 inches
Foot Plate Height1.8 inches
Ground Clearance1 inches
Turning Radius29.9 inches


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If you have any questions about the product or need to return it to us, in the first instance please email info@manageathome.co.uk or call our customer services department on 0800 910 1864

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