Our Code: 12197  /  MPNLOCO-600

Rota Stand Compact

Our Code: 12197  /  MPNLOCO-600

The Rota Stand Compact is a folding patient turner weighing only 10kg. It features a height adjustable frame with shin pads and central wheels for easy manoeuvrability. Max user weight of 200kg.

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About the Rota Stand Compact

The Rota Stand Compact is a lightweight folding patient turner. It features a height adjustable frame with shin pads, central wheels for easy manoeuvrability and a stabilizing bar to allow a one person transfer. It folds down for easy storage and transportation and has a maximum user weight of 200kg. 

  • The RotaStand Compact is a patient turner / stand aid.
  • It is designed to enable a transfer from one seated position to another by the process of: Sit to stand – rotate – stand to sit.
  • It is not designed to travel any distance between two seated positions with a person stood on it.
  • Once an individual has stood up on to the RotaStand Compact it can only be rotated.
  • To attempt to move the RotaStand Compact in any direction other than a rotation is a danger to the individual being moved and the person attempting to move them.
  • Max user weight - 200kg

For more information please read the product specification.

Rota Stand Compact Specification

 Overall height 880 mm to 1280 mm (34½" to 50¼")
 Overall length 610 mm to 700 mm (24" to 27½")
 Footplate width 365 mm (14¼")
 Handle width 525 mm (20½")
 Height adjustment increments 16 (every 25 mm)

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