Our Code: 17050  /  MPN90329MOB1075

RS2 Patient Transfer Assist

Our Code: 17050  /  MPN90329MOB1075

The RS2 Patient Transfer Aid is a sit to stand aid that also allows careers to transport patients from point A to B. The aid is easy to set up and use, with the need for only one carer. The device uses a counterweight from the career to allow the patient to stand, once in position the breaks can be unlocked to allow for seamless transportation.

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About the RS2 Patient Transfer Assist

The RS2 Patient Transfer Aid is the single most important piece of equipment needed to safely transfer patients. The aid allows for a sit to stand transfer aid that allows the patient to travel over a safe distance. 

The aid is simple to assemble without any specialist tools or knowledge and once set up it is easy and straightforward to use. The effective design allows for as little as one carer to be able to safely use the device without any risk of injury to themselves.

The patient can move from a seated position by placing their feet inline with the markers on the base. Once in place the wheels are locked via the conveniently placed break. From there the career can you a variety of methods to counter weigh the frame, thus allowing the patient to stand with the help of the handle. When the career is confident the patient is secure, they can unlock the breaks and roll the patient to point B. It is not recommended to use the aid over raised platforms or uneven surfaces.

The aid is not only practical but also extremely comfortable for the patient. The design features lower leg cushioned support and an adjustable height frame to prevent any uncomfortable stretching or bending.

For added safety and security, the aid can be used in conjunction with a ladder belt that can be purchased separately in a variety of sizes.

  • Easy to set up
  • Sit to standing transfer
  • Requires only one career
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable frame

For more information please read the product specification.

RS2 Patient Transfer Assist Specification

 Overall height 1187 mm (46½")
Overall width 363 mm (14")
 Depth509 mm (20")
Step in height45 mm (2")
Product weight14½ kg (2 stone)
Maximum User Weight160 kg (25 stone)

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